John Aller



Born: July 5, 1957



Playbill Cover - Kiss of the Spider Woman Kiss of the Spider Woman
May 3, 1993 - Jul. 1, 1995
Prisoner Performer
Playbill Cover - The Most Happy Fella The Most Happy Fella
Feb. 13, 1992 - Aug. 30, 1992
All the Neighbors and All the Neighbors' Neighbors Performer
    Ciccio Understudy
    Pasquale Understudy
Playbill Cover - Chess Chess
Apr. 28, 1988 - Jun. 25, 1988
Ensemble Performer
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - Rags Rags
Aug. 21, 1986 - Aug. 23, 1986
Mr. Rosen Performer
    Wealthy New Yorker Performer
    Ben Understudy
    Guard Performer
    Herschel Cohen Performer
Playbill Cover - Cats Cats
Oct. 7, 1982 - Sep. 10, 2000
Munkustrap Understudy
    Plato Understudy
    Rum Tum Tugger Understudy
    Rumpus Cat Understudy
    Alonzo Understudy
    Coricopat Understudy
    Macavity Understudy

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