Karl Malden

Casting, Performer
Karl Malden

Also known as: Mladen Sekulovich, Pvt. Karl Malden


Born: March 22, 1912
Chicago, Illinois

Died: July 1, 2009
Los Angeles, California

Oscar winner Karl Malden, who created the role of Mitch in the original Broadway production of A Streetcar Named Desire and played Herbie in the film of "Gypsy," died July 1, 2009, according to The Los Angeles Times. He was 97. Born Mladen Sekulovich in March 1919, Karl Malden starred opposite Marlon Brando, Jessica Tandy and Kim Hunter in the premiere 1947 staging of Tennessee Williams' Streetcar, repeating his role on film to Oscar-winning effect. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his work in 1954's "On the Waterfront."

Mr. Malden made his Broadway debut in 1937 in Clifford Odets' Golden Boy, which was produced by The Group Theatre and directed by Harold Clurman. His numerous Broadway credits also include The Egghead, The Desperate Hours, Tea and Sympathy, Desire Under the Elms, Peer Gynt, All My Sons, Truckline Cafe, The Assassin, Winged Victory, Sons and Soldiers, Counterattack, The Sun Field, Uncle Harry, Flight to the West, Journey to Jerusalem, Key Largo, The Gentle People, Missouri Legend and How to Get Tough About It.

The actor received two Emmy nominations for his work on the television series "The Streets of San Francisco," and he was nominated for Golden Globes for "San Francisco" and for his performance as Herbie in the 1962 film of "Gypsy."

In 2004 Mr. Malden received the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, which is awarded to actors for both their career and humanitarian achievements. In a statement at the time, SAG president Melissa Gilbert said, "In a career spanning six decades, Karl Malden has superbly achieved the goal of every actor — to bring an extraordinarily rich range of iconic characters to the screen and stage."

His autobiography is titled "When Do I Start?: A Memoir."



The Egghead
Oct. 9, 1957 - Oct. 26, 1957
Hank Parson Performer
The Desperate Hours
Feb. 10, 1955 - Aug. 13, 1955
Dan Hillard Performer
Playbill Cover - Tea and Sympathy Tea and Sympathy
Sep. 30, 1953 - Jun. 18, 1955
Playbill Cover - Desire Under the Elms Desire Under the Elms
Jan. 16, 1952 - Feb. 23, 1952
Ephraim Cabot Performer
Peer Gynt
Jan. 28, 1951 - Feb. 24, 1951
A Buttonmolder Performer
Playbill Cover - A Streetcar Named Desire A Streetcar Named Desire
Dec. 3, 1947 - Dec. 17, 1949
Harold Mitchell Performer
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - All My Sons All My Sons
Jan. 29, 1947 - Nov. 8, 1947
George Deever Performer
Truckline Cafe
Feb. 27, 1946 - Mar. 9, 1946
Stag Performer
Playbill Cover - The Assassin The Assassin
Oct. 17, 1945 - Oct. 27, 1945
Andre Vauquin Performer
Playbill Cover - Winged Victory Winged Victory
Nov. 20, 1943 - May 20, 1944
Adams Performer
Sons and Soldiers
May 4, 1943 - May 22, 1943
Matthew Graves Performer
Playbill Cover - Counterattack Counterattack
Feb. 4, 1943 - Apr. 17, 1943
Giltzparer Performer
The Sun Field
Dec. 9, 1942 - Dec. 12, 1942
Carl Randolph Performer
Playbill Cover - Uncle Harry Uncle Harry
May 9, 1942 - May 20, 1943
Ben Performer
Playbill Cover - Flight to the West Flight to the West
Dec. 30, 1940 - Apr. 26, 1941
Captain George McNab Performer
Playbill Cover - Journey to Jerusalem Journey to Jerusalem
Oct. 5, 1940 - Oct. 19, 1940
The Centurion Performer
Playbill Cover - Key Largo Key Largo
Nov. 27, 1939 - Feb. 24, 1940
Hunk Performer
Playbill Cover - The Gentle People The Gentle People
Jan. 5, 1939 - May 6, 1939
Magruder Performer
Playbill Cover - Missouri Legend Missouri Legend
Sep. 19, 1938 - Oct. 29, 1938
Charlie Johnson Performer
Playbill Cover - How to Get Tough About It How to Get Tough About It
Feb. 8, 1938 - Feb. 26, 1938
Joe Performer
Playbill Cover - Golden Boy Golden Boy
Nov. 4, 1937 - Jun. 4, 1938
Barker Performer

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