Nora Kaye

Choreographer, Performer

Also known as: Nora Koreff


Born: January 17, 1920
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Died: February 28, 1987
Los Angeles, California, USA



Playbill Cover - I Can Get It for You Wholesale I Can Get It for You Wholesale
Mar. 22, 1962 - Dec. 8, 1962
Assistant to the Choreographer
Playbill Cover - Two's Company Two's Company
Dec. 15, 1952 - Mar. 8, 1953
Dancer in "Roundabout" Performer
Who's Who
    Girl Performer
Who's Who
    The Stripper Performer
Who's Who
Ballet Theatre
Sep. 30, 1946 - Nov. 9, 1946
Hagar Performer
The Ballet Theatre
Feb. 11, 1941 - Mar. 9, 1941
Gizelle's Friend Performer
    Wili Performer
    La Reine de la Danse Performer
Playbill Cover - Stars in Your Eyes Stars in Your Eyes
Feb. 9, 1939 - May 27, 1939
Dancing Girl Performer
    Lady of the Ballet Performer
Great Lady
Dec. 1, 1938 - Dec. 17, 1938
Ensemble Performer
Playbill Cover - Virginia Virginia
Sep. 2, 1937 - Oct. 23, 1937
Corps du Ballet member Performer

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