Elaine Swann





Playbill Cover - Jennie Jennie
Oct. 17, 1963 - Dec. 28, 1963
Bessie Mae Sue Performer
    The Wicked Owner of a House of Ill Repute Performer
Playbill Cover - My Mother, My Father and Me My Mother, My Father and Me
Mar. 23, 1963 - Apr. 6, 1963
Mrs. Parker Performer
Playbill Cover - Greenwillow Greenwillow
Mar. 8, 1960 - May 28, 1960
Maidy Performer
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - The Music Man The Music Man
Dec. 19, 1957 - Apr. 15, 1961
Maud Dunlop Performer
    Resident of River City Performer

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