Steve Curry



Born: May 11, 1946
Camden, New Jersey

Died: September 13, 2014
New Hampshire

Obituary: Steve Curry, who was in the original cast of the seminal rock musical Hair, died Sept. 13, 2014, in New Hampshire. He was 68. The cause was sepsis.

Mr. Curry played Woof, one of the central group of hippie friends in the sprawling story who memorably sings the ribald ditty "Sodomy." But the actor is perhaps best known to the public only unconsciously, as the multi-colored visage that adorned the posters and original cast album for the 1968 show. The image, created by designer Ruspoli-Rodriguez, featured a double image of Mr. Curry's head and wild head of hair.

Unusual among his fellow cast members, Mr. Curry was an experienced Broadway performer by the time he joined Hair (which became his final Broadway credit). He was a newsboy in the original production of Gypsy, played Tom of Warwick in Camelot, was in the cast of I Can Get It for You Wholesale, and played Baby John in the 1964 revival of West Side Story.

After Hair, Mr. Curry—much like the anti-establishment, get-back-to-nature characters in the musical—left acting for farm work.

Steve Curry was born May 11, 1946, in Camden, NJ. He married his fellow Hair cast member Shelley Plimpton, making him, for a time, the stepfather of actress Martha Plimpton.

He is survived by his wife Susan, and their sons Matthew and Andrew; and daughter Catherine Goddard, the product of a relationship with Susan Anspach.



Playbill Cover - Hair Hair
Apr. 29, 1968 - Jul. 2, 1972
Woof Performer
Who's Who
    Berger Performer
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - West Side Story West Side Story
Apr. 8, 1964 - May 3, 1964
Baby John Performer
Playbill Cover - I Can Get It for You Wholesale I Can Get It for You Wholesale
Mar. 22, 1962 - Dec. 8, 1962
Sheldon Bushkin Performer
Playbill Cover - 13 Daughters 13 Daughters
Mar. 2, 1961 - Mar. 25, 1961
Boy Performer
    Child Performer
Playbill Cover - Camelot Camelot
Dec. 3, 1960 - Jan. 5, 1963
Tom of Warwick Performer
Apr. 28, 1960 - May 8, 1960
Krishna Performer
Playbill Cover - Gypsy Gypsy
May 21, 1959 - Mar. 25, 1961
Newsboy Performer

Inside the Playbill (1)

  • Inside the Playbill - Hair - Steve Curry


    April 29, 1968
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