Henry Hodges



Born: circa. 1994
Bethesda, Maryland, USA



Playbill Cover - 13 13
Oct. 5, 2008 - Jan. 4, 2009
Archie Understudy
Who's Who
    Evan Understudy
Who's Who
    Richie Understudy
Who's Who
    Simon Understudy
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - Macbeth Macbeth
Apr. 8, 2008 - May 24, 2008
Macduff's Son, Fleance [Alternate] Performer
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - Mary Poppins Mary Poppins
Nov. 16, 2006 - Mar. 3, 2013
Michael Banks [at certain performances] Performer
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Apr. 28, 2005 - Dec. 31, 2005
Jeremy Potts Performer
Who's Who
Playbill Cover - Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast
Apr. 18, 1994 - Jul. 29, 2007
Chip [Alternate] Performer

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