Exclusive Photo Feature

PHOTO RECALL: A Two-Show Day With A Little Night Music's Henrik, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka

Every morning begins with Starbucks.  I don’t recommend doing two shows without it. I work out most every day before a show just to get my body warmed up (yes, even when we have two shows!) Our beautiful marquee. And below our marquee, a table full of stolen purses and jewelry... just before an officer arrests the man for stolen goods. Tuning the cello, which I play in the first two scenes of the show. Nothing like an empty Broadway theatre. The first thing you do when you get to the theatre is sign in! Our leading man, Alexander Hanson, applying gray paint to his hair before every show.  He would like everyone to know that his hair has “no gray at all.”  Suuurrrrrre... Someone is warming up in the shower.  Yikes. I always visit Leigh Ann Larkin (pictured) and Ramona Mallory upstairs, otherwise seeing them onstage for the first time is just a little awkward. Leigh Ann, who plays Petra, uses a steamer before every show to warm up.  Scary. My dresser, Josh, helping me get ready (aka tying my tie). Almost ready! Bernadette pretending she can play the cello. Seconds before going onstage, Bernadette and Alex won’t give the cello back to me!! Snack time? Keaton Whittaker, who plays Frederika, drinking banana juice.  I had no idea banana juice existed. The first show is over.  Now it’s time to get Bernadette’s autograph. Signing autographs between shows. Ben Davis, Bradley Dean and Kevin David Thomas at our cast dinner in between shows. Cast and orchestra enjoying dinner on the rooftop of Hurley’s Saloon. Food! Trying to sell some merchandise before our second show.  It’s not working. The stage manager’s desk backstage. Private time with Elaine Stritch, mid-Act 2. Betsy Morgan and our newest cast member, Jessica Grové, backstage living the “glamorous life.”  As you can see, they’re exhausted from our day. The stage door!! Shooting an episode for Wes Taylor’s YouTube series.  Yes. At 11:30 at night. Goodnight, Bernadette!
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