Exclusive Photo Feature

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day With Memphis' Derrick Baskin

Apparently I take pictures of myself in my sleep. Who knew? Woke Up. Tested the voice. It's there, so I won't call out of this two-show day. What to eat...hmmm.... Drinking tea and watching a morning program that I will not mention.  "You are NOT the father? What?!" Leaving the house. "Oh, yeah! Snow from the sixth biggest blizzard to hit New York City is still on the ground." I hope they don't have a matinee.  They're not going to make it. They're definitely NOT making the matinee! I have good train Karma or "Train-ma!" Barely waited two minutes! Ha! Coming up on the theatre. Did I mention <i>Memphis</i> won Best Musical? Well, it did. Whew, just made it for half-hour call. Janet Takami and Alexis Shorter having a convo about who's gonna call the show. Pre-show meal consisting of sushi, Japanese BBQ chips and donut holes. Don't judge. Leon the doorman wishing me "break-a-leg" before the show. Arturo Porazzi, our production stage manager, actually called the first show. Clayton Craddock on drums. The heartbeat of <i>Memphis</i>. Tyrone Jackon... NOT praying in the prayer circle. Hail Mary.... One of us is NOT a dancer. Stretching with Preston Dugger right before a huge dance number. I decided to let the real dancers dance, while I hang with Ty Lackey and Randy Morrison in the sound department. Drilling some sense into our prop-master Noah Pilipski's head. Randy blowing what little sweat has accumulated in my mic. Me calling "places" for Act 2. Joe DiPietro stopped by to wish us a happy 500th show. Cass Morgan and me getting ready to end the first show. Bahiya Gaines stretching before the second show. Every day, Jim  star dresser  has to endure Chad Kimball warming up. God Bless you, Jim. Rhett George getting some beauty rest between shows.  Sleep on, brotha. Producer Randy Adams checking in on the second show. One of the heads of the production department, Hank Hale, schooling me on how it's done. In the candy corner: Dionne Figgins, Tyrone Jackson, Preston Dugger. Bahiya's done warming up, and J. Bernard Calloway is ready to open the show. Bryan Langlitz, put some clothes on! Places was already called!! Geez! Me and Jen Allen killing the vocals backstage. Sing choir!! Sang!! Me with Tanya Birl, Todrick Hall and Bahiya Gaines. Shelton Becton on organ! John Putnam on guitar! George Farmer on bass! Sick!!!! Franc Weinperl getting me ready to end the second show! Day's over. Gettin' some love from a couple of audience members. They really liked the show!!!  :-)
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