Exclusive Photo Feature

A Two-Show Day With Mamma Mia! Actress Halle Morse

10 AM. First thing's first. Good morning, coffee. Good morning, Patti! Performing daily acts of hygiene. Most important morning ritual: diffusing the hair. Brings out the natural ~curl~ I live right around the corner from Alvin Ailey Dance. My friend, Jen Frankel, and I have fun taking Zumba class together. It's a "Venti" kind of day! Most two-show days are... Hale & Hearty has the best parfaits. The BEST parfaits... We have arrived at the Winter Garden! The first thing I do is greet the security guard, Mike, with our secret handshake... because we are tight like that. Gotta sign in! Big hugs for our company stage manager, Andy Fenton, who is back from vacation. I stop by the hair room to get the latest gossip. Say hi to hair supervisor Vicky Walker and cast members Andrew Chappelle and Eric Giancola. The ensemble ladies are diligently beautifying themselves! Monica Kapoor is one hot mama! Literally. Check out the picture of her darling daughter, Milania, pinned on her mirror. Mamma Mia! Our music director, Wendy Bobbitt Cavett, gives music notes before the show. She is the ABBA expert! Stacia Fernandez shows off her new jacket. Looks good on you, Stacia! Andrew and I define our curls. A pre-show must. My dresser, Chasity Neutze, fixes my watch before show #1. Chas is all business. Signing autographs at the stage door. "Don't worry girls, Sophie and Donna will be out shortly." I am a proud member of Gold's gym. Time to get my between show work-out on. Oh ya. Really workin' hard. Six pack! I mean, six pack of my personal trainer, Maia Evwaraye-Griffin, that is.  Maia is also currently in <i>Wicked</i> on Broadway! Maia is her name. Fitness is her game. Getting my nap in while burning cals before show #2. Pit stop back home. Refreshed. Recharged. Refuel at Vynl Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen. I love that they serve all-day breakfast. Back at the theatre. Hangin' out backstage with Andrew Chappelle (who plays Eddie), Mark Dancewicz (Pepper) and Traci Victoria (Ali). All smiles. I catch blonde bombshell Judy McLane (with hair supervisor Sandy Schlender) in the hall before she transforms into Tanya. It's a party in Beth Leavel's dressing room. Cheers! Beth Leavel is simply the best. She even let me hold her Tony Award! (for a small fee, of course) Catching up with Alyse Alan Louise, who plays Sophie, "the girl with golden hair." She is also the girl with the biggest dressing room on Broadway! Ali and Lisa are suited up and ready for show #2! After the show, I give a backstage tour to some friends. Come to the Winter Garden Theatre to see <i>Mamma Mia!</i> Goodnight!
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