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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Day at the Theatre With the Ladies of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Hello, Playboy readers!  Emily Young, Kate Cullen Roberts and Nadia Quinn here at Broadway's Jacobs Theatre.  The first thing we do when we get to the theatre before the matinee is put on our silky robes to get into hair and makeup. We ladies LOOOVE chocolate.  Here we are feeding each other truffles as a bonding exercise. After our snack, we spend a few minutes tidying up the dressing room.  Don't want to come back to a mess! We always have cupcakes lying around in case a hungry gentleman comes to call. Today it's Heath Calvert! Then we head down to the green room for our physical warm up. Well that sure tuckered us out! Good thing we have time to take a quick nap. James Barry joins us for our coffee and sugar fix.  Gotta have energy for two shows! Afterwards, we have our daily check-in with Stage Manager Artie, who gives us a pre-show pep talk. It's half-hour call for the matinee! We <i>love</i> to help each other get into costume. Wait... what? Maria Elena Ramirez informs us that it's definitely PlayBILL and not PlayBOY that wants to know what we do backstage. Really? In hindsight... this makes more sense. Ah, well...the show must go on!  Time for the matinee. PlayBILL, huh?  Okay.  So, this is what we do with the three hours between shows. We spend one hour reading. We spend one hour crying about girl stuff (and the fact that our show is closing Jan. 2.  SAD!) The last hour is spent watching kitten videos online.  (Awww!) Then it's off to do the second show! After our evening performance, we rush out the stage door we share with <i>Driving Miss Daisy</i> to join the throngs of people waiting to get autographs from James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave. Then home to sleep. Just an average day at <i>BBAJ</i>!
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