Exclusive Photo Feature

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Matinee Morning with Spider-Man's Matthew James Thomas

Just woke up.  Time to get going. A superhero never forgets to pick up his dry cleaning. Stopped home for a little coffee before heading out to save the day. On the way to work, I quickly scanned the neighbourhood for danger. Stopped to save some kids from a burning building... ... and rescued a 2-week old kitten from a tree. Quick warm up with the Justin Bieber picture "someone" put on my dressing room door. Major costume change: my Converse shoes on the left and Peter Parker's Converse shoes on the right. Start-of-show costume and makeup complete.  We just had our five-minute call. Bumped into Luthur Creek on the way to the stage. Backstage about to go on for "Rise Above." Putting on the Daily Bugle costume.  Note all my acting notes on the mirror! Running lines in corridor before the graduation scene. Exhausted, Spidey grabs a quick drink. Backstage in my Spidey suit, about to save Mary Jane.  Come see us sometime at the Foxwoods Theatre!
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