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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's "Arachne," Katrina Lenk

The solitary life of Arachne begins with a quiet, frantic speedwalk to the subway. I overslept. Always make time to stop and smell the graffiti. NOTE: never do this literally. and... ...just missed the train. A pox on you, Beautiful Graffiti! A mere 38 minutes to get to the theatre... hell's bells. You big flirt, MTA. Not so flirty in here. Here we are! Hallelujah! The MTA gods got me to midtown in time to stop for coffee. Thank you, you flirty things you. New York on Sunday,  ba dum dum, big city taking a steam bath. Not even noon, and already Mickey is out there. That there is hardest working man/woman/child in showbiz. Thar she blows. I keep hoping one day this will say Emergency Egrets. Made it just in time. Noon on the nose, baby. Home sweet mirror. Every day starts with a squirt o' The Shield. Derma Shield: to protect the skin and make idiot face art. That's the lovely Angela Johnson's hand- creating Arachne's face while I put in one million pin curls. All this goes on my mug. Bald 'Tude! Almost Arachne... on the way to get some 'do. Donning Arachne's beautiful hair with the help of Lisa Weiss. I love this vending machine in the hallway backstage. I daresay it loves me back. That's the infamous Dr. Shannon McDowell, Arachne's dresser. And my chum. Oral hygiene. Very important. I sing a lot of "Ahs." Dr. McDowell and Michael Wilhoite, ASM, come to get me for my ascent to my very high "Places." 5 stories up. One set of Arachne's 8 legs. We all ride the elevator to the top, baby. First number done, and now yoga yoga yoga in my dressing dressing room. Arachne: Party on top... Business on the bottom. 2nd number done, and now the long wait until my 3rd scene in Act II... Killing some time This was the wonderful Matt Caplan's last day as his return to Peter Parker. So, a good staring was in order. Before "Turn Off the Dark" I receive assistance from John Gibson, House Head Sound, in skiing the slopes. This is a very serious business. The Goblin DOES have a heart. (well, at least Bob Cuccioli does) Post matinee makeup removal, ala Glenn Close. Two hours to take Manhattan. To the underground! Down we go. They tell me the subways are even more crowded in Japan. Or wait, was that Tribeca? Did anybody get to see this? Sigh. Today was it's last day… did I go? No. what's IN there?! Good ol' Lee's Art Shop. If you can't find Christmas cards in here, well, it's Armageddeon. Christmas Market at Columbus Circle. Yummm! I spend a lot of time staring at things like this. Thar she blows, Take Two. Made it back with 2 minutes to spare Office folk get the 3pm sleepies. We get the 6pm sleepies. Nuthin a little re-heated coffee can't fix. Glamour. There's the lovely Angela. Patiently doing my make up again. Lisa had this prepared for me in the wig room. She is quite the Hair Tie Artiste. The Doctor is in. These are Arachne's pincers, waiting to be worn. Dr. McDowell carries them at her hip and we calls 'em Fish. Contemplative Bathroom Art. Another set of Arachne's legs. Every show, these folks plus 3 more hook me up, get me set and lower me down to start the opening number. I'm very lucky. Josh Cockley (Props), Dr. McDowell, Dave Fulton (Carpentry and Flying), and Drew Neil, ASM. All comin' We go this way at the start of every show, walking on the catwalk way high up over the audience. We can SEEEEEE you. I get to watch the conductor on this wee tiny screen whilst hanging over the stage. That's Kimberly Grigsby: Genius. That's Ron Rebentisch (Carpenter and Class Clown). This poor guy has to help me up and down for every flight. Glitter Accident. A close up of the beautiful makeup designed by Judy Chin, done by Angela Johnson The long wait between "Rise Above" and "Turn Off the Dark." I'm getting close to the last issue. Sigh. I never read Spider-man before this show, and I confess, I've kinda fallen in love with the story. Methinks I am not alone. Yoga. AGAIN. Slalom, again. Off to bow at curtain call, and done! Lavender-soaked hot towels at the end of the night. Thank you Jesus... and the make up department. 10 hours of pin curls= 1 Barbara Mandrell. Back to reality! And into the depths of the subway... I return home 11 hours from when I started.  Thanks for spending the day!  Come on down and see us at the Foxwoods Theatre!
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