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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Master Class-y Time With Alexandra Silber and Cast

Outside The Friedman Theatre on move-in day! Meet the players and stars of the show!  First and foremost, the *MUSIC* First we have, Sierra Boggess, who plays Soprano Sharon Graham. Any relation to Susie..? or perhaps MARTHA?! Then, Garrett Sorenson as Tony Candolino. Here he is doing... *something*... sigh... *Tenors*... Next is Jeremy Cohen who plays "Weinstock, Manny Weinstock," our steady hand, company constant, subtle genius and not-too-shabby accompanist extraordinaire. He is a pure diamond of an actor, pianist and man. I love this guy like he is my long lost cousin. Aaand Clinton Brandhagen who plays The Stagehand. We all call him "Grumpy," but he isn't really. He is a mush. Canadian mush, and a helluva professional photographer who has graciously donated some of his captured work for this piece. What a talented guy! Then of course there is Tyne Daly. Yeah. She's pretty phenomenal. You can catch her face on that poster above our amazing theatre! Enter our fearless leader, Director Stephen Wadsworth, covering up everyone's names on the billboard. He is a master of detail, depth and leading a company with humor and love. There is always the potential for things to get a little ugly when it comes to the billing... tragic, really. ... and of course our playwright! Terrence McNally stops by to say hi! Understudies Brian Cali, Leah Edwards, Dan Kurland and Jacqueline Antaramian! And yours truly!  Me, myself, Alexandra (or "Al" as everyone calls me) Silber as the one, the only, Sophie De Palma! <br><br>[::confetti::] So! Now that you've met everyone, let's take a look at some insider stuff. This is our very first day of rehearsal! Sierra and I had already met in London and by Day 1 were pretty much in it together for good. Jeremy Cohen and I, who appeared in the Kennedy Center production last year, are pictured here FREAKING THE HECK OUT out on Day 1 of rehearsals for our Broadway debut! Sierra Boggess: Hot Goddess. This is Garrett in his very first moments on a Broadway stage. Awesome. ... and then he started to sing. Sierra is the best "Broadway Big Sister."  She is filming everyone and starting the enthusiasm off RIGHT. Our director Stephen Wadsworth, Stage Manager extraordinaire Susie Corden and Jeremy Cohen. Garrett taking it all in. This was an almost indescribable shared moment for all of us. Such a unique cast, with so many debuts. I extol on the moment a bit more here: http://alexandrasilber.blogspot.com/2011/05/today-was-best-rehearsal-day-i-have.html This is our cast on the set of MTC's production of <i>Good People</i>, speaking aloud in the theatre for the first time. And that would be Sierra, NOT taking our vocal warm-up seriously... Sheesh! SHE IS DISTRACTING ME FROM MY ART!! ... aaaaaaaand we've both lost it. According to an 8-ball we asked, as well as our gut instincts, we have apparently known one another for three lifetimes already.  So it is good to have found each other this trip around... at last! This is us when we saw our dressing room for the VERY FIRST TIME! (We had *BIG* plans for it... just you wait!) Sophie and Sharon kitting out their "dorm room" with operatic memorabilia... In repose during tech. Planning our World Domination. Totes. So our innocent-looking Jeremy is a bit of a poker shark. He comes upstairs during the monologues and takes everyone's money in about 4 minutes. Heya Soph! A particularly great shot of Sophie and Sharon's "dorm room." Understudy Buddies! Jeremy/Manny serenades us all during tech. "It's gonna be okay, Tony!!" Mild-to-moderate in-character anxiety attack pre-Callas confrontation. A Sophie Visual Collage Jeremy Cohen and I say this to each other every day:<br>
"Manny <i>loves</i> Sophie!"<br>
"Sophie <i>loves</i> Manny!"<br><br>
Ohhhhhh how we do!
Our director takes notes with the "umbrella pencils" I made everyone for opening night! They actually write! Manny and Sophie! Leah Edwards & Jacqueline Antaramian give us some vowel action! I think this is the place to mention that Leah and I have known each other since we were 13. Went to high school together and I first lived with her when I moved to New York. Small world! This is me freaking out 5 seconds before our first preview on June 14th. Sierra was so excited for me to step out onto a Broadway stage in front of an audience for the first time that she left the room at the 5 to give me "a moment to take it all in." HERE WE GO! GLASSES READY! This is me the next day in a totally different costume. I have to say I think the "Cosby Sweater" touch is a stroke of pure genius. Way to go [amazing costume designer] Martin Pakledinaz! You might be wondering why I'm wearing so many different outfits.  Sophie (in)famously "doesn't have a look"- and it takes some trial & error to figure out what that means exactly. So Soph went through a few incarnations, only constant being the GLASSES! Pictured here with our Stagehand "Grumpy" (actor Clinton Brandhagen).  He isn't *reeeeally* Grumpy, that is just his legal name. ... right. Well. maybe we got a little carried away... Sierra prepares. The boys dressing room gets a lot of socializing action. Tenors! Tenor sandwich. Or technically Sophie sandwich, Tenor bread... Clint and I come up with a little offstage improv backstage every night for the part where Jeremy comes offstage to "do something about the temperature." This was my opening night card for everyone! [*marvels at her own craftiness and squeals with delight*]<br><br>

You are welcome. We always stay after our bows to clap and clap and scream for Tyno... aren't we just the cutest? Tyne makes a special appearance for a group photo.  We are all so in love!  Check back shortly for more fun photos from me and my castmates... and come see us sometime soon at <i>Master Class</i>.
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