On the Scene

Road trip out to George Street Playhouse! 11th Ave, picking up the kids. Tyler Maynard ducking in the car from the rain. He always gets "shot gun." Susie holds up the rear! Dinner is served. Ugh, tunnel traffic. Tyler and Susie bonding.  I feel left out. Our marquee (is that how you spell marquee?) My dressing room.  Lauren Kennedy as "Heidi."  PS I love Heidi, the character and the real girl! This is me taking pictures... of myself. Seth kissing up to our George Street Playhouse artistic director David Saint :-) Our awesome stage managers Jovon Everett and Kevin Gilbert. Our friends Paul Castree and Richard Roland come out to see the show.  Seth, button your shirt. Whatcha got in there?  If you come see the show, you can see.  Seth and I take off our shirts.  Actually he chickens out... :-) Jesse and Susie do a little pre-show work. While Seth parades around in his skivvies, he innocently says, "I didn't know you'd be taking pictures tonight..." Oooh, so this is us taping the Tyler Maynard "status" videos for YouTube.  Have you seen them yet? We are thinking of calling them "The Status Report." Whatya think? Watch out, you could be next!  No Facebook status or "tweet" is safe! Playback. OMG, LOL.  We are so funny!!! Tyler is so helpful.  While we wait for the videos to upload to YouTube, he gives Susie a make-up consultation. Beautiful. Places! Tyler gets a last minute... actually I have no idea what he is doing. Seth ascends to stage level! Monkeys. ... and Playbills. Last minute face check.  Good thing I checked, I had a little Zone Bar stuck in my teeth. My little quick change area where I do important things like play Angry Birds. Our little crew.  Seth Rudetsky, me, Susie Mosher, Tyler Maynard and Jesse Vargas They LOVED it! Soaking up the love. Tyler and Jesse head back the the car. A view of the city! I think we are done here! Thank you for taking the road trip with me! Take your own road trip and come out and see <i>[title of show]</i> at George Street Playhouse!
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