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PHOTO RECAP: A Two-Show Day at Priscilla Queen of the Desert With Broadway Mommy Ellyn Marie Marsh

Wake up call at 7:50 AM. This is the face I see first thing in the morning. Stinking adorable right? We always camp out on a Saturday night. Here's my alarm clock. Her name is Lola and she is very punctual. And does not come with a snooze button. We grab a breakfast bar and head for the first project of the morning. Coloring. Our little Picasso. What we imagine everyone is doing at 8 am. This is our art gallery. She for sure has a method.  Please contact her agent for commissions.  (please also note my coupons. I'm like an 80 year old woman with a THING for all things coupons.) Most of our day is filled with waiting on the Princess. This is my husband Travas, the amazing chef of the house! She likes lemon curd on her toast and she takes her toast in the lounge, naturally. Lola, like most,  spends her Sunday morning thumbing through the New York Times. Lola loves to paint. She paints a cat, I paint my face. Mommy/daughter quality time in a multitasking kind of way. We had a visitor to our morning art project. A beautiful butterfly. Lola LOOOOOOVES animals. She is like a little Bindy Erwin. Here, she is crying tears of joy that her winged friend landed on her. Whatta tree hugger, my little one. A quick clean-up (with song obviously) and we are on to the next part of our morning.  We speak to her in Japanese and she is working on rice paper making and thai chi- it's all super zen. All this before 10 AM. It's awesome. We are also working on sharing. Still needs a little refining. Side note: when in the house my daughter is allowed to dress herself. THIS ensemble is one of her faves.  Oof. I wanted to play the piano in our family band. she had other plans... I lose. Always. Uncle Mike comes by to go to the Hoboken Arts Street Fair. Really we just wanted him to be a photographer in our rasta-family sing song band. Note how UNimpressed my daughter is. Finally our third joins. The Marsh-Clifton family band. You know, a ukulele, a xylophone and congas.... what every band needs, I say. We are opening for Coldplay in the fall, tour dates to follow. On any given day an average three-year-old demands to change their clothes 4.2 times. Here is another outfit. And a story with dad while mom gets ready to go for a two-show day. Lola and dad walk mom to the bus, on their way to the street fair, and stop for a Kodak moment. My Sundays are a little sad, I leave my little one at 12:30 and don't see her again until the morning. Hoboken Street Fair. It's like New York... only it's Jersey. Bye little one. Mommy has to go change thousands of peoples lives one disco tune at a time. Big gulp half gone. Whatever. Don't judge me. I'm B & T (Bridge & Tunnel), people. I live in Jersey. And everytime I see the bus I sing, "it's up to ME....NEW YORK NEW YOOOOOORK." No I seriously don't, but that would be funny, no? My Sunday morning treat to myself.  Everything bagel double toasted with chicken salad. It's like heaven on a bagel. Like if heaven had chicken salad. Which I DOUBT it does. I'm pretty sure this man LOVES to double toast my bagel. He calls me sweetie. And looks like he's going to kill me in my sleep in this picture. I have to dodge these dill-bags all the way to work. I HATE these bed bug carriers. You are NOT Elmo! Nor are YOU, sir, Cookie Monster! Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Brian giving me my Sunday cheer! it's Sunday on Broadway!!!! Tranny tracking sheet. I always stop off at stage management and say hi to the hardest working folks on Broadway. Time to prep. Esther Stilwell and I share a MASSIVE dressing room. The amenities are vast and highly coveted. Or just super-cramped and full of nonsense. Everyone always asks how we get our eye shadow to be so bright. Well, boys who like boys who like girls who like boys.... we use this white cream base coat to make the colors pop. Thank me when that's a question on jeopardy. Our makeup plot consists of neutrals, sort of earth tones, you know, sort of glamorous earthy tones. Sarah, one of our amazing dressers, stops by to see if we need anything! Her smile says, "need anything?" but her eyes say "PLEASE don't make me go six flights to get you ass hats anything!" Love you Sarah! A mere hour ago I was a mom wiping egg off my child's face and now? A DIVA! Then I think of my baby girl at home, without meeeeeee. Really I'm just crying about what she did to my HIPS! We share our floor with the young Boys playing Benji in our show. Their wrangler keeps them in check and in shape. They are hardworking kids. I kid, I kid, Jill is a hilarious wrangler to Gaten and Sebastian. Honestly, she RARELY makes them do laps. My company manager Jeremy! We are a really close knit company. Down to the stage to make the donuts. We pick up Jackie and Stacy. We have all been on the pink bus since Toronto.  Show # 469 today on Broadway. The final touch to all <i>Priscilla</i> cast members- GLITTER. To answer the question you are all thinking... YES we swallow the glitter and NO it does not get broken down.  Read between the lines my friends. Stage fright! Just getting harnessed up with dresser Laura... I call her sunshine. Let's make it rain up in hea'! Sneaking off to take a picture during the show. This is my husband's favorite costume. Weird, right? I have no idea why. During intermission, we really like to talk about our days, talk about feelings, have fellowship... It's preeeeetty sacred. Annie works out her arms for the SOLE reason to hoist us into these boob trap corsettes. Me and Annie up in the foy dressing room. We change on the fourth floor before we fly down. We fly. For a living.  Like Spiderman, only glittery-er. This dinner break brought to you by... Alysha Umpress, ladies and gentlemen! Cesar Rocha. I am in constant awe of the altitude of his hair. After my dinner break, I like to go hang out with my crew friends. They are such goofballs! They love to laugh and joke and goof off. See! Rick LOVES me! And Rob! Whatta guy! Seriously Rob, I'd love to stick around and tell yo mama jokes, but I have to go beat this face again for second show... End of a looooong weekend.... Izzy is wicked gentle when she puts in my hair pins. Any "Mad Fashion" fans will recognize Izzy as part of Chris March's hilarious team of creative nut jobs. She's one of my FAV's backstage. So, here we go, we do it all again... making dreams come true at the Palace. Intermission at the end of a 5-show weekend is cause for slap happy debauchery, many pictures taken during this time I am not permitted to show. This is our amazing Nathan Lee Graham with our amazing make up and hair guru Josh. They're expecting. Even after a 5-show weekend our fearless leader Tony Sheldon looks fresh as a daisy! Tony has been the original Bernadette for the Australian, London, Toronto and NY companies. AND since we have been on our journey he has NEVER missed a show.  PRO! Bryan West is wicked smaht and loves to keep up on current events. Thomas "Peaches" Sharkey gets ready for Act 2 by carrying around pink feathers. Whatever works, Peaches... My view as I leave for home. I head home back to Jersey, back to mommyhood.  The day starts all over at 7:30 AM.  That's my two-show day. I'm super blessed to be living my dream, have a beautiful daughter and a husband that makes it possible.
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