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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day at Sister Act With Caesar Samayoa

Wake up call!  Viva wakes me up without fail EVERY morning. Sheís ready for her close up. Shaving off the greys... sad, I know. Surprisingly I did not just clean up for the photo, Iím generally neat After I told Viva she didnít make the cut in <i>Sister Act</i> she donned her own habit. Off to the theatre, leaving my serene block. Venti green ice tea unsweetened, a necessity! My stop! Busy Wednesday morning in Times Square. There we are! Very fancy stage door entrance... Our door man hard at work. The ever so lovely Ms. Victoria Clark on her way to dressing room before the show. Our Stage Manager Mary MacLeod scolding me for almost being late Ė it's rough backstage at <i>Sister Act</i>... My many looks... Gay boy?  Really? BeforeÖ ...despues! ("after" in Spanish for all you English speakers out there) "Mi rinconcito" in midtown Follow me on Twitter! @caesarsamayoa Love my nun-inspired Opening Night cards. A pic of me and my dad and one of Viva playing Wii.  It can't get any cuter. Midway through my transformation into Pablo.  I only speak to people in Spanish after this point, it gets realllly confusing. Jerry Zaks stops by and poses with the lovely Alena Watters. We are the two latinos of the group.  Weíre very serious about it. Right before curtain, the ladies getting into character. My fellow thugs Demond Green and John Treacy Egan prepping for their big entrance. Daily pre-show thug ritual. Madeleine Doherty torments pedestrians every day during the show.  Iím not kidding, come on by! I think the sign says it all. Itís always a good time backstage at <i>Sister Act</i>.  You never know when youíre going to get hosed. Vickiís cigarette break before her big number... NOT! Are you kidding?  Sheís the healthiest, most incredible woman I know! Mid-show before our BIG second act number, Louise and the boys have some fightiní words over a box step. Demond hard at work between musical numbers Googling himself. Chester Gregoryís intense physical warm up before his big number. The Thugs made it into the <i>Sister Act</i> calendar for July.  Hot. Curtis praying for forgiveness after shooting someone in the show... again. Nuns getting frisky and Jen Allen getting bored. Hanging out in Vickiís dressing room, acting all holy. In Vickiís dressing room with a little note from Obama.  Yea thatís right, he hung out here too. A close-up if you thought I was kidding. Thugs giving Mother Superior some much-needed notes. Jam session with some of the pit musicians after the show. Some sustenance before the second show. This is a good look for John, no? Want a piece of this sweet action?  Come see <i>Sister Act</i>. Start of the second show... Patina warms up to the camera. Rashidra Scott, Alena Watters, Kingsley Leggs, Demond Green... and Patinaís FABULOUS leg! Audrie Neenan, hoping sheíll remember her crazy fast nun rap. Hanging out at the vodka jug.  Itís the only way we get through... A drag queen prepares.  Yes we have one in <i>Sister Act</i> (Charl Brown aka "KiKi"). Our dressers mid quick change. Looks like a good book. Jennifer Simard, a very sassy nun! Patina Miller resting during the 10 minutes that she is off stage. Look at all those stairs!  Six flights, six times a show... my butt has never looked so good! Penny the Penguin was cut from the show in our first preview, but she just wonít leave!  Always showing up and spreading rumors about the cast... penguins are tricky. Planning my vacation in the middle of the show.  Italy, here I come!  It's totally all show research.  Can I expense that? Who doesnít like to wear leather in 100 degree heat?  Not this guy! My one scene change.  Iím always early, eagerly awaiting this moment.  Itís my favorite part of the show. Marissa scantily clad in some nun pajamas. Iím going on for Vicki tonight. Right before the finale, Monsignor starts pointing fingers. Both shows over.  The plain Virgin Mary and Disco Mary go back into storage. Heading home after a two-show day. Almost there. ... and of course Viva the pooch is there to greet me!  Hope you had fun with us.  Come see <i>Sister Act</i> at the Broadway Theatre!
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