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My two-show day starts on a rainy Saturday morning as I walk through my apartment complex in Queens, which definitely resembles a college campus But wait! I get to my station only to discover that the entrance has been roped off without any warning... BLAST! Luckily I hail a taxi and my awesome cabbie Ramy gets me safely to Times Square with plenty of time to spare. The Stephen Sondheim Theatre! Home for the next couple months.  It has been an honor and a blessing to be a part of Roundabout Theatre Company's revival of <i>Anything Goes</i>. Our wonderful security team not only keeps us safe, but they sure know how to look dapper! Guess who I run into at the callboard? <br>
It's our ridiculously talented leading lady Sutton Foster. The dressing room I share with Colin Donnell, Walter Charles, Robert Creighton and Andrew Cao. My station.  Can you tell that I am a picture-holic? One of my pre-show rituals is to check out my favorite blog: ANGRY ASIAN MAN ( Our wonderful and dedicated crew members check in and get themselves ready for a two-show Saturday. Off to a quick haircut appointment with Nathaniel. BAGEL SATURDAYS!!! Sutton always makes sure we have a tub of bagels, plenty of cream cheese and her own personal bagel slicer waiting for us every Saturday in the green room. Colin Donnell, Ward Billeisen and Jennifer Savelli enjoy BAGEL SATURDAY. ... as do Margot de la Barre, Robert Creighton and Anthony Wayne. Kevin Munhall shows us how to do a proper stretch before a two-show day. Adam Perry makes sure to roll out before the matinee.  Rollers are used by dancers to work out any tight muscles and knots. Sutton Foster joyfully puts on her makeup.  And yes folks, that does say "Bad Ass" on her mirror! Nathaniel helps Sutton with her hair while she continues putting her makeup on. Julien Havard, who is Sutton's dresser, is a wonderful artist.  Here he's sketching the latest design for a furniture piece. He's Delightful. He's Delicious. He's De-Lovely.<br>
He's Joel Grey! The <i>Normal Heart</i> cast and crew sent Joel this lovely poster for his opening.  Hurry up and get your tickets.  It is an absolutely breathtaking production. <br><br> Joyce Chittick puts on the final touches of her makeup.  That's her and her husband Rick Faugno on the cover of "Spectacular Bride."  Rick is currently playing Frankie Valli in the Vegas production of <i>Jersey Boys</i>. Tari Kelly shows us how a fierce Broadway performer gets her hair ready for a wig cap. Anthony Wayne and Clyde Alves show their pre-show grooming rituals.  It's a shame we don't have any good looking men in the cast... Andrew Cao shows us what NOT to do with Cetaphil. Bobby Creighton gets his hair perfect and pristine for his entrance as the ship's Purser. Andrew and I have lovingly nicknamed him Purser-san. I steal a quick kiss from our sound tech Josey. Before every show, one of our stage managers collects our valuables and keeps them safe and secure.  That's our handsome ASM Jeff making the rounds. Dave Solomon, our assistant company manager, snuggles with his pet dinosaur. The ladies of the cast visit the hair room before every show and get their wigs on. The men of <i>Anything Goes</i> put the finishing grooming touches on before heading out to the S.S. American. Our wonderful musicians warm up and get ready to play our beautiful Cole Porter score.  It is such a delight to hear that overture every time! Laura Osnes, Bobby Creighton and Andrew Cao fit in a quick game of Wii Pong before the start of the show.  They say it really helps them get into character. Andrew Cao shows why he is reigning Wii Pong champion and beholder of the King of Pong Trophy. The stage right group poses for a quick photo before embarking on the S.S. American.<br><br>
L to R: Adam Godley, Jessica Stone, William Ryall, Joyce Chittick, Laura Osnes, Jessica Walter and Ward Billeisen Jessica Walter gives us a quick "smize" (google it!) before heading onstage.  Tyra would be extremely proud! Kimberly Faure and Sutton Foster get ready to make their first entrance. One of my favorite regular rituals comes right after the "Boxcars, Craps!" scene when Andrew and I get to visit... ... Laura Osnes and Jessica Stone! Bill Ryall and I get our taps on before the big "Anything Goes" tap number.  It is such a rush to perform it and seeing the sea of smiling faces makes our job so rewarding. During intermission, I make sure that Colin Donnell gets plenty of cool air and jellybeans. Andrew and I always make sure to review the tap number downstairs.  This is my first time tapping on a professional stage and I couldn't have done it without his help. Special shout-outs to my friends Monette, Candace and Robin for their tap help as well! The beautiful ladies get into their "Blow Gabriel Blow" dresses.<br><br>
L to R: Tari Kelly, Kristen Beth Williams, Jennifer Savelli, Shina Ann Morris and Kimberly Faure This is where Sutton enters for "Blow Gabriel Blow."  We also found out that the lighting is perfect for an impromptu photoshoot! And so we proudly present... The debonair and illustrious Joel Grey. Joyce gives us some old school Hollywood glamour. Kim and Kristen give us Vogue. Shina Ann Morris gives us a red carpet smile. ... and Ward gives us Shaggy Champagne Chic. Kevin, Joyce, Jen and Kim catch their breath after performing "Blow Gabriel Blow." Cast members do a myriad of things in between shows... including poker! Nikki Renee Daniels show us how to maintain a fierce Poker Face... puh-puh-puh-poker face puh-puh-poker face... Daniel J. Edwards fits in a quick nap in between shows.  How he sleeps like that absolutely baffles me! I take the time between shows to log footage for my web series "THANK YOU...NEXT." We won Outstanding Mockumentary Series at this year's LA Web Festival. <br><br>Check us out at Before the evening performance, Jessica Stone and the sailors are called onstage for a quick put-in for "Buddy Beware." Caroline and Zoey, two of our fantastic ushers, stuff Playbills for the evening performance.  I LOVE the sailor caps!!! Francis and Shannon, our sound technicians, perform mic and sound checks to ensure that everything is shipshape! A quick shot of our stage right props closet.  Notice Cheeky is just casually hanging out and grinning for the camera :) The costumes are preset and ready for the start of the show.  All thanks to our fabulous wardrobe department! Colin catches up on some emails.  Or is he secretly online shopping on The hilarious John McMartin, who plays Elisha Whitney, relaxes with a crossword puzzle before the show. Lucille mistook the "drowsy eye" alcohol warning for a "winking-eye" alcohol suggestion.  (Calling all "Arrested Development" fans!) Let's hope the wonderful Jessica Walter doesn't make that mistake before the show! Jessica Stone shows how Erma does indeed get all the sailors' attention! Laura Osnes shows how a proper leg stretch is done before "It's De-Lovely," one of my favorite numbers in the show. Justin Greer and Dan get caught hoarding all the "Blow Gabriel Blow" champagne! Places for Act 2!  Our ASM Rachel checks off every name to ensure everybody is onstage for our opening pose. Adam Godley, fresh from "The Gypsy in Me," makes one last costume change. Brother Luke and Brother John looking their finest. Andrew quickly checks his buttons before we make our final entrance. Running to get into places for the curtain call. My dear friend Alina Huang from Northwestern came to see the evening show and I gave her a backstage tour.  It meant so much to have her there.  We used to hit up all the karaoke and dance parties in college! One of my favorite moments is meeting the audience members at the stage door.  The cast of <i>Anything Goes</i> definitely feels the love each and every night! So hurry on down to the Stephen Sondheim Theatre and come see the incredible cast and crew of <i>Anything Goes</i>!!
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