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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day at Broadway's Hair With Darius Nichols

This is my usual view when I wake up. Lucy still sleeping. A little face time in the mirror never hurts. A scrambled eggs and raisin toast breakfast. Lucy is STILL resting!! <i>Hair</i> has even become part of my home decor. Checking my messages to make sure I'm not late for lift call… again! It was a hot, hot, HOT Saturday this weekend. Almost to the theatre and my AC unit in my dressing room. It's HOT out today. Following Mike, Steel and Matt to the stage door of the St. James. Adam, our friendly daytime doorman. My <i>Hair</i> shrine in my dressing room. Enjoying some peanut M&M's before lift call. Corey Bradley and Nkrumah Gatling giving Caren the royal treament. Sweaty lift call continues... Laura Dreyfuss loves her coconut water! Our Assistant Dance Captain Emily Afton taking time to sign Playbills I caught Nkrumah dipping into the M&M's! I know it looks crazy, but this really is a good pre-show warmup! My dresser David waiting, and waiting... Paris getting his hair done for the show. Lisa tells me all the time to sit still or I will get poked in the head. I never listen! Now the mic goes on top. With it in my wig I don't have those unsightly wires hanging down my back. Lisa puts on the "Hud" wig and the finishing touches. All done!!! Now, it's your turn Mike! Corey and Nkrumah signing autographs after show #1. The matinee crowd waiting at the stage door This fan brought a poster! Shaleah Adkisson signing for the fans Back for the evening show.  This is Russ, our awesome night time doorman. Rob giving us some sensual lighting in his office. Members of the crew hanging out in between shows Pre-show fun with the wardrobe department! Look at all that underwear drying! Setting up for tonight's show. What are Greg and Mike looking for? Nick Belton remembers to sign in tonight. Katie has a visitor all the way from her homestate of Hawaii. Kacie Sheik giving me some love! Steel steams the voice before the second show. Caren! Where do you think you're going? Hey Phyre!! Who you calling? Paris decides to try on Kacie's shirt... ... I think he may need a bigger size. Lulu Fall and Matt DeAngelis fooling around Now that Nick has remembered to sign in, he can now warm up. Nkrumah, Arbender and Marshall relaxing before half hour call. Tenesha Ross going over some songs for the weekend Be-In for Marriage Equality. Tripp outside his dressing room Josh Lamon wants to play Woof so badly! Our music director Dave giving us a FABULOUS pose!! Now that he has his hair done, Paris is about to steam. Who are you looking at, Arbender? I'm getting ready for the second show. The super talented Allison Guinn about to go to places. Places has been called, ladies! Now that we are done with show #2, we can go greet the fans! Night time fans waiting for us! Emmy showing fans some love. The last look back as I head home The blur is Lucy. She's so happy when I come home. Lucy escorts me back to the door. She can't wait to get in and get her biscuit. So… what was your day like sweetie? Lucy is always glad to have her daddy home. Summer of Love 2011!  Come hang out with us at the St. James Theatre!
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