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PHOTO RECAP: A Two-Show Day at Broadway's Follies With Christian Delcroix

Walking out of our apartment on a beautiful Saturday morning.  0.3 seconds after taking this picture, I tripped down the stairs. Getting my coffee and breakfast sandwich at the local deli. Sitting on our favorite bench enjoying breakfast! 9 AM:  Beginning my yoga regimen. 9:01 AM: Ending my yoga regimen and looking for worms in the dirt instead. Opening baby presents for our little girl.  Apparently I’m Little Bo Peep! And there she is, among some loot we got this morning... sleeping of course! After riding the subway in whilst reading "Game of Thrones," this is my view coming up at 47th Street.  Our marquee is in the middle... always a thrilling sight. Ray, one of our incredible doormen, is always quick to greet the cast with a smile and some words of encouragement. Our director Eric and stage manager Artie going over some quick changes before our show. Signing in at our callboard while Jan Maxwell inexplicably smells a wristwatch. Rosie, our ghost swing, signs in too. Ron Raines' dresser, Danny, getting ready to eat a delicious cookie! The dry erase board on the front of our dressing room.  We change our names every day.  Some are (clearly) better than others. Getting ready to head up to the third floor where our dressing room is located. On the second landing and feeling a little winded. Utterly exhausted upon reaching the top floor.  The ascent’s final tally: two pulled hamstrings, a torn achilles and a strained glute. Our two amazing dance captains conferring over some dance notes. All the ghosts hanging out in our green room. My dressing roommate, Nick Verina, takes a cat nap before the show.. I wanted to take a nap too.  So this was our compromise. The incomparable Danny Burstein and I play a game of “Buddy Mirror.” The fearsome Terrible Towel hangs from my dressing room wall (next to a workout band that I haven’t used in three years). Chumming it up with Fred Strother backstage. The top floor dressing crew playing a spirited game of basketball. Completely bewildered as to what Lora Lee Gayer is doing for this picture. Clifton “Legs” Samuels stretches before the show in the guys' makeshift studio... their bathroom.  This picture is brought to you by Hugo Boss. Two of our “ponies,” Leslie Flesner and Kiira Schmidt, trotting out for a picture. Kirsten Scott had a little hair mishap during the show. Fixing my hair at our five minutes call.  And yes, I usually stand like a rigid statue when I do this. Just a little light reading during the show. Michael Hayes (Roscoe) rests his powerful voice in his dressing room, while... ... Don Correia plays Angry Birds on his iPad. On my mirror... an ode to Five 'Til Curtain and my pal E. Our awesome swing Matthew deGuzman, studying his notes! Leah Horowitz does a little needle point before enchanting the Marquis with “One Last Kiss.” Terri White’s wife, Donna Barnett, cheering us on in the green room. And Terri playing a game on <i>her</i> iPad.  Apparently our cast loves iPads! Elaine Paige hangs out in her dressing room after her incredible number, “I’m Still Here.” The girls doing a grueling ab workout. Pam Otterson shows off her cats, complete with matching sweaters! A little apple juice and sandwich for Danny.  Note: Apple juice is quite possibly one of the best drinks in the world. Our marquee! Visiting the box office to buy some tickets. The dinner I chose to eat before the show.  (aka the worst idea I’ve ever had!) Cisco greets us at the stage door for the second show. Lawrence Alexander gets some much appreciated Physical Therapy. Visiting the hair room, where the amazing Jayne Houdyshell gets her hair done. Having a nervous breakdown as our music director Jim Moore berates me. With the lovely Susan Watson. A spook-tacular picture of all our ghosts! John Carroll gets pumped up for the show. Jan Maxwell getting into character as she pretends to pose for Vogue. Rosie waiting in the wings for her big chance. Two dashing Bens: Ron Raines and Nick Verina. Brittany Marcin stretching before Act 2. "Calcium is good for the bones," says Brian Shepard.  Disclaimer:  Brian said nothing of the sort. Florence Lacey and Colleen Fitzpatrick enjoying some downtime. All the girls' “Ponies”! Nick reading up on the NYMF schedule... which happened to include <i>Balls...the Musical?!?</i> My dressing room station. A little something to remind me of my three beautiful nieces! Hanging up the costume and getting ready to head home for the night. The guys dressing room unwinds after the show. Coming outside to our incredible fans! And then its off to the subway and home for me.  Goodnight folks.  Hope you'll come visit us at <i>Follies</i>!
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