Exclusive Photo Feature

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Three-Show Day With Godspell's Morgan James

Waking up with Boo! I should have a spokesperson deal with Silk.  For realsies.  I can't live without my french press coffee and silk creamer. French press love.  I burned my lips for this shot, but it was worth it. I wouldn't be "All Business James" if I wasn't working on charts with Boo in the AM. Living in a sea of boxes as I get ready to move. My apartment in packing chaos! Boo on a floating barge of bubble wrap. Walking to the train, heading over to soundcheck for my late-night Joe's Pub gig. Sound check at the new Joe's Pub... Jasmin and I leaving soundcheck. Stopped by for a juice at Green Symphony.  Took me ten years, but finally got one named after me! My castmates at the callboard! Now, this is awkward... Nick and I had the SAME poster made for our solo shows!<br><br>

Poster art by Josh Merwin (joshmerwin.com) My dressing roommate, Uzo, getting ready. Telly and Celisse, clearly up to no good... Getting ready for the matinee. Lindsay, primping. It takes a very confident woman to wear daisy duke renaissance pants, exposing her entire upper thigh on a daily basis... wish I knew how to work Photoshop. Me with my sisters! Gettin' my hairs did... Just a sensible between-show blow-out... Taking a sensible disco nap at intermission. This is my look at the top of Act 2.  It's kind of Bono meets "Mork & Mindy." After two shows at <i>Godspell</i>, getting ready at Joe's. Last looks before showtime. Finally at Joe's Pub and singing my face off with my girls! Rockin' out. Oh man, I have the best job ever. Singin' til' they turn out the lights. Greeting my peeps at the end of the night. Literally falling asleep while looking at my iPhone.  Hope you enjoyed spending a looong day with me.  Come see us in <i>Godspell</i> soon!
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