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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day With On a Clear Day's Alex Ellis

I rarely need an alarm clock these days, because I have this pup that starts to walk on my face around 10 AM. Meet Emma! She's part Corgi, part Jack Russell. I rescued her about 2 years ago from a shelter. She is without a doubt the coolest pup/wingman! Ok ok! Yea.. that's really gross.... time to get up. Emma is immediately ready to play.  Me? Not. so. much. ANYONE that knows me knows I am NOT, and never will be, a morning person. I order breakfast from my favorite place around the corner. I'm a total breakfast sandwich gal. And because the place is called Broadway Bagels, I thought it fitting (that was a joke!) Actually, it's the only place that will deliver without a $10 min. I sleep walk to the coffee pot and make a BOOLLLDDDDD cup of coffee so I can begin to function. After my food is delivered, I take some time to eat, put coffee in my veins and catch up on email/prepare for the day. I also may tend to listen to Tupac or Biggie while I do all of this... just gets you ready for the day! Time for a walk! I'm lucky to live literally across the street from Central Park, so it makes walks very easy. Not to mention it's a gorgeous part of the park. It's a win/win. What?! What's this we stumble upon?! An all girls ice hockey league?! SCORE! Disclaimer: "Mighty Ducks 2" is one of my top five FAVORITE movies of all. time. Emma and I take a few minutes to watch. It's really cold... and I'm from the South. I wasn't made for this type of weather. After a shower and all the jazz, time to head to work!! The C train drops me off right at my stage door. It's such an easy commute! I also like to pause for a second to take in my surroundings. I mean... after years of pounding the pavement, I’m performing on Broadway!!! First thing's first, one must always sign in. Here's our call board/ calendars/ any fun happenings for the week , all in one place. There's also a heart defibrillator if anyone is looking for one. Oh, look who I ran into first thing?! Mr. Tyler Maynard and his iced coffee. I think we're wrapping our minds around the fact that we have a 5-show weekend... let go and let God y'all. I was smart this week and signed up for Physical Therapy. Before I put on my face, I need magic hands on my neck so I can turn it to the right and left properly. I've never been in more pain in my life. I still have old injuries from <i>Catch Me</i> that have carried over into <i>Clear Day</i>.  OWIE!! Show must go on... Time to head back to the dressing room. I live up on the 5th floor. That's right, 5TH FLOOR... and let me tell you, it's a glorious climb.  I could not be more THRILLED to do that at least 5 times per show. I finally made it. Buns.of.steel. DASSIT! 502! That's my dressing room! I get to share it with these two lovely squirrel girrrlllssssssss! Who is there to greet me? The richest girl I know: Ms. Alysha Umphress. Yes, that is our flat screen in the corner. We are always watching flicks... stay tuned. Alysha and Heather are SO in LOVE, that they like to spoon with the pillow pet before half hour. What loves! Costume. Check. Beat. Check. Lashes. Check. Now time to go put on mah hurrrrrrr (that would be hair) That's Josh! He puts my Hannah wig on everyday. I've been a red head in the past 4 shows I've done. I wonder if it's the universe telling me to go ginger. That's Broadway’s Jessie Mueller, helping Josh help Zach with his 70's side burns. What a team effort we have over at the St. James! Here's my first costume of the show! 70's all the way. I may not be in <i>Catch Me if You Can</i> anymore, but I will ALWAYS give you a sensible bevel... (thanks Jerry Mitchell) That's Patrick Bevilacqua. He's the head of the wardrobe department and my new favorite. He acts like he can't stand me, but we are undercover LOVAHS!!! Side note: We also share a major love of champagne... so there's that. It's a serious FOOTBALL day here at the St. James. If anyone knows Kerry O' Malley, they know she's a serious die hard Patriots fan!! She single handedly made this badass spread for all of us to enjoy for the day! Thanks gurl! Our "green" room is called the St. Timmy! Father and son duo Timmy McDonough and T-Mac Jr. run the joint. They may seem real tough, but are two of the biggest softies you can find in this here city. Sheesh, this spinach/artichoke dip is ON POINT!  This picture was taken by head of wardrobe... don't tell anyone I was eating in costume :) CAUGHT!! Drew Gehling is ALWAYS in Sarah Stiles' room, using her makeup. What a pretty boy. Tyler can't seem to put down a New York Times bestseller. I mean... did she do it? Jessie Muller is in the elevator, ready to make her first entrance on stage and sing her face off! Ben Eakeley is wondering what Jennifer Holliday’s dress from <i>Dreamgirls</i> is doing in wardrobe? But if we open that can of worms, then a discussion of the Neutralization Theory will occur, followed by a discussion of who Beyonce's surrogate is... A rose on a wall.  Or, I really like this costume, so I thought I would show it off. Alysha LOVES her job and is thankful and happy to be at work. This is my unorganized/organized (in my mind), dressing room station. Time to sign a ton of Playbills... life could be worse. I would take Drew Gehling seriously, but he's wearing a turtleneck. This is my FAVORITE costume of the show. I wear it in the second act. I am truly channeling my inner 70's hippie girl. Not to mention those Dolce and Gabbana pants! Harry Connick Jr.’s THUMB made this picture! Hee hee. He's truly a DREAM to work with and I am going to miss him the most. After the first show, the crowd goes BANANAS (as usual) for Harry. I ninja as fast as I can b/c I have an important dinner date. Over to 5 Napkin to meet my best friend Justin Huff and his gorgeously talented fiancé, Mo Brady, for dinner. They're getting MARRIED this spring and I have been asked to be in their wedding! I am THRILLED! We proceed to go over attire, itineraries etc. After dinner, I head back to the St. James to regroup, re-do pin curls and watch a little bit of a favorite 80's classic, "Splash." There he is, I haven't seen my boo all day! This is Grasan Kingsberry. We grew up together. We've been fortunate enough to do two Broadway shows together :) We catch the tail end of the Saints/49ers UPSET.  Harry isn't the happiest. Alysha stretches (what lines!!!) before her big "Cassie" dance in Act 1. A suspicious phone call has just taken place and Tyler isn't sure who it is. Hello? Mary Alice? General Craddock? This is Kimmie. She dresses Alysha and I. She has ears on her hoodie. Don't be jelly of my  "Harry Connick Jr. On A Clear Day" robe.  It's real comfy. After my number in the second act, I slip into this little ditty and head down to wardrobe to hang with the cool cats. Just came back from the curtain call. After two shows, I am one tired pup. I'm not going out to be social tonight because I have to do this all over again tomorrow. On my way out, I run into longtime friend and fellow Elon University alum, Andrew Frace. Watch out NYC, he's one of the MOST TALENTED people I know and has recently finished his run with <i>Jersey Boys</i> in Vegas and is back in NYC for good. Back home. Time for my new (I know I know, I am SOOOO behind) OBSESSION: "Six Feet Under".<br><br> Hope you enjoyed my day. Catch <i>On A Clear Day You Can See Forever</i> before it closes January 29!!
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