Exclusive Photo Feature

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day at Broadway's Chinglish With Johnny Wu

The best of mornings start with the best of protein shakes. Lunch with the girls of "Pan Am" on Hulu. Delicious! Dropping off laundry at the best Wash and Fold in Midtown. Sunny walk to show #1. Elizabeth Talmadge, our awesome company manager. The bottom right corner of my mirror.  I was 8 years old.  My mom was older. Linda Rice adding on 15 years worth of gray into Stephen Pucci's hair. Jennifer Lim wants me so bad. Angela Lin and Christine Lin with a little pre-show love. Larry Lei Zhang reads about how damn good he is in a Chinese newspaper. Cultural advisor Joanna Lee, a damn good Larry, and the newspaper. I put on makeup because I get really red on stage.  NOT from drinking. Christine, really stoked about her upcoming entrance in Cai's office. In high school, this would <i>not</i> have been a costume. I translate excellent. Intermission transformation. Larry says, "So Stephen, in act two, this is what you do to be damn good..." Gary Wilmes learned the aerosol modern dance at Steppenwolf. Vivian Chiu hates me. Angela's "not-posing-at-all-with-shiny-lips" pose. Nancy, wardrobe supervisor, heaps upon Angela the best of gifts: new shoes! Act Two transformation completed.  I am judge.  You lose. Post matinee.  Steve Kaus: "I'm over the photos."  Gary: "I want Kaus." Jillian Oliver also hates me.  Like for realsies. Larry, Angela, Brian Nishii, outside our stage door. Fan gives Angela fleece in exchange for her address. "Oh totally, I'll sign this for you.  Larry, get the marquee behind me, yo." Really making this dude's day! Corner of 48th and 8th, making the Longacre Theatre quite literally the safest house in all of Broadway. Laundry that comes back folded is the best thing ever.  Well, it's pretty good. Having grown up here in the city, not only am I immune to but also quite welcoming of street meat.  47th and 8th.  Go to him.  He has lights on his cart. Our go-to hangout right next to theatre Hurley's Saloon, with Jillian, one their beautiful hostesses. Jennifer gives us shy and sexy, at the same time. Our evening doorman, Rick.  Being a maniac. Sign-in sheet for the week 37.5% filled.  Wednesday night show.  Let's go! I mean, seriously, what can you get for 5 dollars that's better than this? Gary, "The Finisher", ventures downstairs to begin Act II. The gorgeous evening marquee.  Thanks for spending the day with us.  Come see <i>Chinglish</i> on Broadway!
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