Exclusive Photo Feature

PHOTO SPECIAL: A Week With Bonnie & Clyde's "Young Bonnie" Kelsey Fowler

I love to take bike rides with my puppy on my day off. I love reading my favorite series “Maximum Ride” on my day off and on the bus. I’ve been working on bedazzling my guitar on my days off. I am placing each crystal on one by one! Practicing piano... Waiting for the bus to NYC after school. Reading “Maximum Ride” on the bus on the way to NY. Entering the stage door for tutoring. Signing in. Our dressing room door! My tutor helping me with a question. My wig prep and costume. I’m writing a letter on Talon’s back, he has to guess which one. With Mimi Bessette, who plays my mom. Midnight snack (at 1:30am)! Blackberries! Walking my dog before I go into school at 9:30 AM. Singing in 3rd period select choir. With my friends from select choir. With Broadway’s best mic man, Brian. Uh oh! Call on the understudies! With our amazing stage manager, Paul Smith! Peeking out of the quick change booth. We call it “The Black Box.” Poor Buck. My wig prep and costume. The final “Young Bonnie” at 10 years old. Talon and I have a tradition of arm wrestling before the show. Making Laura Osnes a birthday card with my friend Rozi Baker. With Laura Osnes, who plays “Adult Bonnie”, Talon Ackerman (“Young Clyde”) and Jeremy Jordan (“Clyde”) Changing into my second dress. Signing autographs at the stage door after the show. That's all for now!  Hope you'll come and see us at <i>Bonnie & Clyde</i>!
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