On the Scene

Several cups of tea are required to start a two-show day off right. This picture makes it look like I live in farmhouse in the south of France. I play some records on my darling Crosley record player to help wake me up a bit more. This morning I chose Sufjan Stevens' "All Delighted People" EP. Gotta blow out the fringe to get that perfectly messy look. It takes me a long time to wake up, so I usually linger over a crossword while eating breakfast. Note the extremely healthy breakfast of bananas and pineapple on yogurt. Try and think of something funny to say on Twitter and inevitably fail. Its too early for jokes. Note change of outfit, second cup of tea, bags under eyes. Still not really awake. Its a beautiful sunny day in Brooklyn! Now I'm headed to the train. Ah yes, the subway commute will wake me up... First thing I do at the theatre is flight call.  Mark Diaz and I do a static-check backstage to make sure my harness is "comfortable."  Note: matching my tank-top to my harness. I'm all hooked in! Flying! Door to the 3rd floor girls dressing room.  I can't wait to see if the Sissies are here already.
Our neon light is "nailing it," don't you think? After the matinee I go to physical therapy to work on a hamstring injury. Mark is the best and always makes me feel better. Note my post-matinee "tired face."  Also note Mark's rippling tricep muscles. I meet up with my high school friend Bo for lunch at Pain Quotidien. Relaxing in the dressing room. Leslie McDonel shows off her pedicure while Josh Henry shows off his physio-ball.  Note Josh Henry killing it at "Words-With-Friends" on his phone. Nap time in Rebecca's room with the other Sissies. There's always some kind of treat in the crew room! Rebecca Naomi Jones works on some lines for an audition. More treats in the break room! It's Brian Charles Johnson's birthday! The second show will be fueled by sugar. I make sure to take the two biggest pieces... or maybe three. Eric and I enjoying pre-show birthday cake.
Now I have to lead warm-ups for the evening show. I am working very hard to get these people in gear. Military-style push-ups with the boys. I usually eat about 20 Lakerol pastilles over the course of the show. Another static check before doing Upside-Down-Girl at the top of the show. Everyone's getting pumped-up for show time. Before every show we all gather around the bed, put our hands in the middle and shout, "1, 2, 3, IT'S F*** TIME!" to get pumped up. Billie Joe even wrote a song about it!
I have a small break during the show where I go upstairs and chat with Rebecca. Looks like show number two is going well. Come see us at the St. James Theatre through April 24th!
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