Exclusive Photo Feature

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day at Nice Work If You Can Get It With Robyn Hurder and Clyde Alves

Good Morning, Playbill! This is how we start a two show day!! ... with a morning walk with our pups through the park. Lock it up! Our Children....Sophie and Mariella. Sophie is pulling us towards our first stop....Dunkin Donuts. Clyde getting artistic while waiting for the donuts! A true "Mainer," Robyn is always loyal to her Dunks. Taking a walk through Inwood Hill Park.... and Robyn's allergies are in full effect! The girls' favorite lookout point. They'll do this for as long as you let them... Our Subway Stop! MTA arabesque Clyde remembers he doesn't wear a watch. Even while waiting for a train, Robyn will strike a pose. Oh! Look who it is! Andrew Cao from <i>Anything Goes</i>. Race walking to work....using the "express lane." Hey! It's Bruce Robert Harris, one of our amazing producers, dropping off apples and oranges to the cast! Almost at the stage door, Robyn gives a pre-show autograph. At the Callboard. Must let them know you are here! Gettin' my wig prep done before 1/2 hour. A shot of Robyn and Jennifer Laura Thompson's purple-themed dressing room. Scott Rowen! One of our lovely SM's. Our hair supervisor.  Smile Nathaniel! Right next to me is Sam Sturm, one of our lovely "chorus girls." Charlie Underhill!! Another one of our fabulous Stage Managers stops by to pick up "valuables" at the 15 minute call. "This is the 5 minute call..." My dresser Suzanne puts me into the dreaded "broadway bikini." On this Saturday matinee, our special backstage guest is Tom Murray! Our music director, ready to take notes. Husband and Wife at the "places" call! Who let these two in??  Matthew Broderick and Michael McGrath working on their unscripted jokes ;) Woah!! That opening number makes us thristy! Candice Woods, Cameron Adams and Stephanie Martignetti takin' a breather after "Sweet and Low Down." Jeffrey Schecter (Schecky) and Barrett Martin clown around with the headsets. "The Founder of the Society of Dry Women!" Judy Kaye, Ladies and Gentlemen! Stanley Wayne Matthis and Terry Beaver prepare for their first entrance.  Go get 'em boys! This is how we take care of those upstaging flies on Broadway. JLT getting ready to be "Delicious!" The "bubble girls" preparing to load up in the tub. The dapper "bubble boy"... Adam Perry. Kim Faure and I hiding from "Eileen". A quick pit stop at Nathaniel's station for a "Jeannie" touch up before my number "Do It Again." Ladies and Gentlemen, Madame Estelle Parsons! Clyde powering up for the top of Act 2!! As Clyde is dancing a marathon downstairs... Robyn catches up on some very important reading. "Jeannie" look number 2! About to head onstage for "Blah Blah Blah." Spotted!! Kelli O'Hara in the downstairs crossover at the Imperial Theatre!! Sometimes it's just fun to watch the show.  Right, Michael McGrath? Our Tony Nominees ready to wrap up the matinee After the matinee, the A train takes us back home for dinner and a doggy walk. Rocking "full beat" on the Subway. As Clyde takes the pups for a walk.... ... Robyn makes dinner! Tonight is Dominican style beef burritos!! We have 15 minutes to eat. Oh look! Lets "do it again!" 2nd show pick-me-up!! Michael X Martin and his amazing artistry. Wake Up Adam!! And clean your room! Yes....all of this goes on Clyde's face. The Game Face. Robyn is winded after the 2nd "Sweet and Low Down" Hey, what are you two doing in Eileen's bathtub?? On the way down to tie up Act 1. Chris Sullivan.... lost in thought. The Class of "Lady Be Good" Matthew and Jennifer say Hello to the wings! Chris Sullivan and Clyde enjoy some down time. Recovering after "Fascinating Rhythm" The Boys and Kelli O'Hara in action! The "Do, Do, Do" Boys done did it again!!! Two peas in a... Broadway Show. Schecky and Clyde. If only the audience knew what we looked like before the curtain came up. Up in the male ensemble dressing room, the Wii gets a workout! Dukie, trying to win Jeannie back. Another two-show day comes to an end.  Come on down and see us at the Imperial Theatre.  Bye, Playbill!
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