On the Scene

Broadway's Newsies Take a Trip to Memphis, With Exclusive Shots by Kara Lindsay

Picked up our tickets at the box office and turned to see "at this performance."  My boyfriend will be the star of the show tonight! Went into Kevin's star dressing room to see if he was ready. Smell check?  I approve. Makin' himself pretty for all of us Newsies watchin' in the front row! Meanwhile... the Newsies stop for a quick bite at Patron. We get a little goofy sometimes! A few margaritas....WHOA!  Their eyes were a wee bigger than their stomachs. And PS: they play children in <i>Newsies</i>, but they are of age.  :-) Laurie Veldheer gets a "lady" size margarita. Newsies spotted in Shubert Alley... with pizza in hand.  We never stop eating. In the front row!  They spit on us and everything!  And we LOVE it! The Newsies girls getting all teary at intermission.... such females :) <i>Newsies</i> and <i>Memphis</i> unite!  So much love in the Broadway community!  They were AMAZING! After the show!  Kevin Massey and Aaron Albano James Monroe Iglehart and the <i>Newsies</I> cast Aaron Albano and Angela C. Brydon Alex Wong, Brendon Stimson, Ryan Steele, Kevin Massey, Jack Scott, Mike Faist Cast members from both shows James Monroe Iglehart and Madeline Trumble Kara Lindsay and Montego Glover Montego Glover, Kevin Massey and Kara Lindsay Kevin Massey, Kara Lindsay and Aaron Albano Aaron Albano and Angela C. Brydon The casts unite onstage!
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