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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Backstage at Broadway's Once and the "Letterman" Set With J. Michael Zygo

What's up everyone!?! This is J. Michael Zygo sharing with you an amazing day in my life! Broadway Softball League practice, the real reason I wanted to be in a Broadway show. Time to warm up! Choices, choices. Stage door to "Late Show with David Letterman." "What? I'm camera ready." Yes, Andy Taylor, yes you are. That "stage" has been graced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, The Jackson 5, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Supremes, The Beatles, and now, the cast of <i>Once</i>! In the stairwell on our way to soundcheck for Letterman!! Sitting on the stage at the Ed Sullivan theatre, Cristin ponders the statistical probability paradox of her Mega Millions lottery ticket. Steven Hoggett, our amazing choreographer, is ready to rock. Sing pretty for soundcheck! Belt it out, Anne. How does Lucas make a banjo look badass? I like this day. Go get 'em Steve! If David and Paul are nervous for our first national TV spot, then they hide it well. In the green room, ready to rock the "Late Show!" 13 cast members in <i>Once</i> and 2 of them went to college together. SUNY Geneseo represent!! It was (and is always) 48 degrees in the theatre so Elizabeth brought her <i>Once</i> robe. Toasty. Along with the other 27 things going on today, it is also my wife (fellow performer and SUNY Geneseo grad) Jillian Zygo's Birthday!! She's showing off her present from her super awesome husband. The bar at John's Pizzaria is a fantastic place for in between shows. That's just soda, I promise. I can't speak for Jill though. A little yoga warmup before the show. Nice "Warrior 2," everyone. Keep breathing. Andrea Goss is on for The Girl for the 1st time tonight!! She killed it. Reid, our instrument guru has to tune about 247 instruments before every show. I might have that number slightly wrong. Bird's eye view of the stage. Not Larry Bird, that show's down the street. Ready to shred some Irish and Czech folk music. I love my costume. It's like Bob Crowley just stole a bunch of stuff from my closet at home. Places for pre-show! Jill's Birthday party turned into all the <i>Once</i> cast coming to the bar to watch the Letterman broadcast. So many things to celebrate!!!!  Come see us at the Jacobs Theatre!
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