On the Scene

Here I am about to kick off another new day with <i>Billy Elliot</i>.  We have a full day today as I am standing by for the matinee and performing in the evening.  Here we go! Breakfast time: today we have toast with vegemite (an iconic Australian spread – my Dad sends it to me from home!) and of course, my daily vitamins. Time to get ready to go to the theatre, but first to pick out the right cap to wear.  This is only about 25 percent of my cap collection; I couldn't bring them all with me from home. Now which of my signature caps should I choose today? The straw hat was not for me.  Now, we're ready to go! Time to feed my pet lizard, Toruk.  I won him at the street fair on 9th Ave this summer and he’s named after a character in "Avatar." This is a collage I made of my family.  I get to see my dad and sisters every two months or so.  You’ll also see my "Billy" and "Michael" bears and my scrapbook of memories from America. OK, time to head to the Imperial Theatre for my work day! But first a stop at Dave & Buster's in Times Square… Let's see if we can win some prizes today. Me and my prize.  I gave it to one of our guardians, John Fahey, for his nephew. And now for a little Skee Ball. This is one of my favorite games.  I've beaten the high score a bunch of times.  Pirouetting and spinning a ball on your finger, kind of the same thing right? With my trusty alligator at my side, now it’s really time to head to the Imperial. This is my front of house photo on the 46th Street side of the theatre. Ready for work! This move was a new addition to our warm-up.  Our warm-up activities vary from day to day.  It’s nice to switch things up and keep it interesting. Warm-up begins.  Here I am with Peter Mazurowski who will play Billy at the matinee. Our resident choreographer Jeff Edwards always makes sure that we are at our best for each performance. Now I am all warmed up and hanging out in the boys dressing room with Alex Dreier (Small Boy), Gabe Rush and Neil McCaffrey (who share the role of Michael) and Ben Cook (Tall Boy). Since I am on standby for this performance, I basically just hang out at the theatre just in case I am needed.  So during the show today, Ben and I are building mini skateboard ramps in the dressing room. Ben catching air with our new design. The matinee is over and I am headed home for some dinner and a break. Before I perform, I always have a healthy dinner like fish or pasta. My sisters bought me this guitar when I was playing Billy in Melbourne and I have been teaching myself to play. My mum Sharon is my #1 fan! Ready to head back to the theatre for the 7:30 PM show! My first stop is always the call board to sign in… ...and tonight a special stop in the dressing room for some treats to celebrate Gabe Rush's last show. Warm-up #2 for today, Jacob Clemente is the standby Billy for this performance. Grant Turner  and I doing some pre-show work. I'm spinning so fast, the camera can't even catch me! Emily Skinner (Mrs. Wilkinson) tries on one of my signature hats – she works it! Hair supervisor Susan Corrado helps get me ready for the show. "Billy" dresser Jessica Scoblick helps me on with my jacket for the top of the show. BEST DRESSER IN THE WORLD!!! Here I am with one of our guardians, John Mara.  He helped me out a lot with these photos, too! Resident director Mark Schneider gives me a few tips before I head out on stage. One of my pre-show rituals: a nice hot cup of Emergen-C. Ben, Gabe and I are doing our vocal warm-up with associate conductor Shawn Gough. Alex, Ben and Gabe are about to go on stage for the boxing scene.  Boxing is one of my favorite scenes in the show. End of Act I after Billy's big number, "Angry Dance."  Wow – what a workout!! Ready for the Top of Act II.  Here's me with Ben, Alex and Gabe getting in the holiday spirit as we are about to perform "Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher." Jess is back to help me get ready for Billy's big audition in London. Stephanie Kurtzuba, always pointing me in the right direction! Ava DeMary, the youngest of our fabulous Ballet Girls (she's nine!), smiles pretty for the camera. The show is finished and I have my Sharpie ready to go to sign some autographs outside. Thanks for hanging out with me on my two show day – hope you had as much fun as I did!!
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