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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day at Broadway's Chaplin With Wayne Alan Wilcox

Top of the Morning! During the week, I am usually awoken by my private string quartet softly playing a Bach Suite, and of course my footmen attend me. But I gave them the day off today and decided to take the train to the gym. First a coffee stop! Mmmmmmm, coffee and music. And a weird close up of my nose. Well, good morning NYC. For the tourists and my fans outside of NYC ( hi and I  love you), this is Chelsea Market. En route to the gym, Iíll take you to a few of my favorite spots inside. When I said I was going to the gym, I meant going to wine. Itís 9 AM and I want wine. Whatís wrong with me? Coolest wishing well youíll ever see is right in the  middle of Chelsea Market. I recommend throwing as many pennies in here as humanly possible. Buon Italia is an all-Italian, straight from Italy market. Some of the best olive oil I get from here. And all the ladies treat me like Iím their son. Who doesnít eat enough Lasagna. They say, ďLook-a how e-skinny you  are-ah!Ē See, I wasnít lying about the time. Oy. Itís the early worm that gets to the bush with two birds in it. Or something like that. Cool light floors and a face. Look at how stooopid I am. Look at that. Thatís there! That thing Iím looking at is right there. What it is? Leftover Halloween craftsmanship. Dripping piano, anyone? We made it to the gym. Letís do it. Itís 9:15. Youíre welcome, America. Some of the machines at the gym look like torture devices. Avoid them. Honey badger donít care, he wears mismatched socks to abs class. This is Kristi Molinaro, fitness godess and creator of 30/60/90, which is a gym class that will kick yo butt.  Youíre gonna sweat, trust. Iím meeting some friends for brunch at COOKSHOP, a spot in Chelsea I used to work in. Iíve poured more glasses of wine and made more drinks here than anyone. Ever. Brunch is crazy out of focus. But apparently really happy. PS, Iím drinking water. I have two shows today.  Iím jealous of the bloody mary, tho. Brunch is gooood here. Itís 1pm now, and Iím almost to work. I love my job. Just press the button and youíre in. Silence is golden. Who wrote that? Iíll give you twenty pesos if you said The Four Seasons. When your last name starts with a W, youíre always on the bottom of the call sheet.  I was always called last in school. Extreme close up of our Stage Manager, Kim Vernace. Weíre raising money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS this week. All these signed playbills are gonna go in a handy plastic sleeve and go for 20 bucks a pop.  Just doing our part for charity folks. Letís see how many people I can kiss backstage before it  appears awkward. So far, 1. Rico, one of our stage managers. Home, sweet Home.  My dressing room. A Charlie pillow I got from my dear friends Barry and Buzz for opening night. I sit on his face. Is that weird? Some of my research for Sydney.  And Charlie, and the world of our little ďshewĒ Broadway musical survival kit. I think I have too much time on my hands. Maureen and Dora, two of our esteemed dressers. Theyíre in love with me. So is Emily Tyra. Shhh. This is my secret warm-up place in the house. Nobody knows itís me warming up in here. Even though they can all hear me and totally know itís me in here. Itís almost time to let the people into the theater. Soon gonna be a full house. And hereís a light fixture. Itís in the theater, so I think itís relavent. Right? Full on smooching Sandy, Robís esteemed dresser. Sheís a great kisser. Goofing off with Ethan and Zack and Zackís brother, Noah.  Cinematic grey scale movie make-up time. Step 1 Step 2. PS: what is that expression? Like, whatís going on with my lips in this one? Step 3. And smile. Step 4. The lips. And, again Wayne, whatís up with that face? Almost there. Almost time to go say hi to the band.  I call this: Priorities. Jenn Colella and I have a dinner date after the matinee. Again: Priorities. Jim, my esteemed dresser, wonít let me kiss him. But he will put my mic tape on my back. Iím trying to bring back the saucer. Itís THE BAND!! What up, pups! Stephanie, in our esteemed sound dept. goes full tongue on me. Ian Liberto and Sarah OíGleby  really enjoy each otherís company, while Rico decides if he should call Human Resources. Again. Right before places. A brothers' moment before the controlled chaos ensues. This is how many Ricola lozenges I went through at the matinee. Just me. Itís Erin Mackey with Steven, of our esteemed hair/make up dept. This is our Saturday Intermission Picture. Follow us @ChaplinBway, and look for #SIP to see them all. NYU students came to the matinee. And they know that every good audience member brings flowers. Or, they know that I just like presents. Yay, fans. I wanna take a picture of YOU GUYS!! Jenn and I are going to skip to dinner now. See you there. My favorite restaurant in midtown. Itís becoming my CHEERS, where everybody knows my name. I got Jenn to let me kiss her. Well, her hair. Itís tasty. Back at the theater after dinner, I take a quick nap, with Charlie Chaplin. Odd? I get one from Ian. More stage managers. Theyíre multiplying. Hayley Podschun! Walking to places for the second ďshewĒ In the wings, right before the downbeat to start the shindig. I got Erin Mackey to kiss me!! Double tongue from Jenn Colella and Hayley Podschun! Michael Mendez, Tim Hughes and Hayley Okay, so I canít tell you why Steph is smiling. All I can say itís part of mine and Jenn Colellaís track. We have to do it. A tiny break before I go back on for the end of the second show. Total for the day. Yikes. Just me. And now. It comes offÖ. one layer at a timeÖ And Iím back!! Thatís my 2-show day! Iím going to a birthday party tonight, and then home to bed cause Iíll come back to tomorrow for the last show of the week. Peace out, everybody.
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