On the Scene

Top: Tituss Burgess, Dave Barrus, Paul Canaan, Rachel Hoffman, Jarrod Emick, Annette Tanner, Matt Lenz, Lynn Gillen, Bottom: Claci Miller, James Kinney, Nicholas Rodriguez, Quentin Earl Darrington and Tyler Hanes Quentin Earl Darrington and Lindsay Roberts Talia Regan and Deidre Goodwin Calli Alden and Jarrod Emick Nicholas Rodriguez, Sabrina Elson andLeigh Ellen Jones Tituss Burgess Rico LeBron, Erron Crawford and Alex Pham Jarrod Emick, Quentin Earl Darrington and Nicholas Rodriguez Jessica Dillan, Tyler Hanes, Deidre Goodwin, Paul Canaan and Claci Miller Deidre Goodwin, Allison Schwarz and Carina Louchiey Laura Steele and Jarrod Emick Nicholas Rodriguez and students Ryann Redmond and Andrew Berlin Nicholas Rodriguez and students Tyler Hanes, Katie Brunson and McKenzie Perpich James Kinney, Chase Crandell and Wonza Johnson Paul Caanan and students Claci Miller and students Rachel Hoffman, Craig Burns andJamie Harris
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