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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Christmas Story Scrapbook Part One Rehearsals

Christmas magic is about to begin at 42nd Street Studios! The official script. <i>A Christmas Story</i> is a show for all shapes and sizes. John Bolton (The Old Man) making out with his co-stars Pete & Lily! Jeremy Shinder (Flick) always causing some trouble. Stalking Katie Holmes on Floor 9. Our cast has a lot of "Dawson's Creek" fans. Making ch-ch-ch-ch-changes around the piano. Andrew Cristi after a daily Schmackary's run Move over Hugh Jackman. We've got our own Wolverine on Broadway. Associate Music Director Cynthia Kortman Westphal lookin' fierce with her many batons. Hey kids, ever hear of "The Wonder Years"? Johnny Rabe (Ralphie) saving the day in "Ralphie to the Rescue." 14 kids + 2 dogs = 1 gallon of hand sanitizer per day. We promised the kids that if they learned their music, we'd buy them Dominos. Really though, we were just craving Meatlover's pizza. Mother (Erin Dilly) putting her face on for the cameras. Han, the amazing music intern, loves being sent to Starbucks. Director John Rando teaching "Randy" how the little piggies eat. Tia Altinay is giving you a full stretch before we meet the press Zac Ballard (Randy) was initially scared to eat the sweet potatoes, but finally did after discovering that they were organic. Hello gorgeous! Kirsten Wyatt preparing for her <i>Matilda</i> audition. She's going for the title role and has some tough competition. Is that a cucumber Eddie Korbich is eating or is he just happy to see us? First run-through of the show for our producers Jerry Goehring and Peter Billingsley. Wrangling gone wrong. Goodbye 42nd Street Studios! We're off to the Lunt-Fontanne!!!
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