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<b>Our Super Real Imaginary Dorm Life</b><br><br> When Sierra and I first met in London, violins played. Well, it felt like they did. The POINT is that we were an instant match and were excited to share a dressing room, which we promptly began to plan. Al and Sierra have turned Dressing Room 4 into a Juilliard dorm room, as if Sophie and Sharon have been forced to move in to the dorms together and are valiantly trying to make it work "Odd Couple"-style. So, what are two crazy ladies to do? Well I will tell you what they do! They go all out. They *WHOLE-ass* it. They come up with a concept and never look back. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... DRESSING ROOM 4! Ta-DAAAA!!! Did we force our director to take us to the Juilliard Store so we could use his staff discount? Did we then buy Juilliard flags and magnets and relevant paraphernalia to go on our doors and walls? Did we buy matching shirts, fleeces and water bottles...? We are aware that it is ridiculous. We are. Being serious for a moment, it might even seem a little insane to say this, but it has legitimately fleshed out our back-stories on stage in a pretty profound way. So get ready. Stuff in Dressing Room 4 is about to get very very real... We have matching make-up brush glasses with appropriate monikers! En "corragio"-ing flowers and pillow! Our Sophie and Sharon plant.  The straight arrow is Sharon, the curly one is Soph. You may be wondering what THAT pink ball is! Sophie was just DYING for a dorm pet, a guinea pig to be precise, but Sharon said NO. But Sophie just KNEW that "No" meant "Yes" so she went out and bought TWO guinea pigs and a pink ball for them to live in. Sharon found a great use for the guinea pigs eventually... GUINEA PIG YOGA!! Our whiteboard plans for a Summer and Fall O' Fun!  As you have already seen, we get a lot done! Sometimes, however, our whiteboard needs to be used to communicate before class... Sharon's birthday cake for Sophie. I tried to tell Sierra that Al's birthday might be July 3rd, but Sophie's is February 29.  Sophie is *totally* a Pisces. Everything it takes to make a "Sophie" Everything it takes to make a "Sharon" Sometimes there is tension and we have to write Roommate Citations... Sometimes Sharon needs a little encouragement! And sometimes... ... you just have to switch things up! Sophie takes an advertisement stating: "Sophie De Palma, former student of Maria Callas, now offering voice lesions."  Only after it goes to press does someone bring her attention to the fact that it says "lesions" and not "lessons." Oops. We also play M.A.S.H with the whole cast. SO fun. We paste them on the wall of our dorm. Sophie is Student Union President, Tony is Treasurer and Sharon is Secretary.  Sharon ALWAYS has a pencil. Maybe I spent the Act 1 monologues drawing/painting us a Student Council poster... Stolen pencils are a hot topic in the dorm room too... Sophie loses things... ... but Sharon found it! Totally in control.  Thanks for visiting our dorm room!  And now we present... <b>Sophie and Sharon on their Day Off</b><br><br>

Sophie and Sharon get ready for their first day off together! SAFETY FIRST! WATER & HELMETS!! We rode our bikes all along the West Side of Manhattan.  Our theme song may or may not have been "Flight of The Valkyries." Signature sideways smile from Soph in front of the Intrepid! Whoop! Biking break for some MINI GOLF!! Sierra putts.... 8 times. We had a BLAST. Sandy toes after a long day of biking. Love. A sensible post-interview beverage at Bloomberg. We spent the day walking through Central Park and a butterfly landed on Al. Sophie & Sharon welcome Summer, a cellist who sometimes visits their dorm room.  She must go to Manhattan School of Music!  No but seriously this is Sierra's big sister, professional cellist Summer Boggess! Aren't our matching specs cute? Slumber party! But we must keep it down! Um... I think Sophie will never be having tequila again. On the 4th of July we bought "fireworks and bunting and other accoutrements of patriotism" [points for anyone who can name the familiar author of that sentence] as well as bubbles and giant cookies.  We walked to Riverside Park to spread the bubble love. It was such glorious weather! This was Sophie's poster shot when she ran for Student Union President. "Sophie De Palma: For Art. For You. For America..." So Sierra is one of those people who "finds four-leaf clovers."  She narrowed down the looking area for me and, in looking, I FOUND MY VERY OWN! Preparing for our "weekend in the country!!" On our way out the stage door. We are freaking out with excitement! Some sensible snacks for two girls with über virtuous dressing room food.  Sour Patch things were called for on the road. WHY! THIS LIGHT BLUE CONVERTIBLE BEETLE SHALL BE OUR CHARIOT FOR THE DAY! We made a quick stop by the Improvement Society. "Up where they walk! Up where they ruuuun..." <br><br>

Well I mean, come on. We had to. Once a mermaid, always a mermaid. "I like to watch the river meet the sea..."<br><br>

Once Julie Jordan, always Julie Jordan. Sophie and Sharon Forever!<br><br>

Well readers, I hope you've enjoyed getting to know us a little bit.  Come see Sophie and Sharon (aka Al and Sierra) in <i>Master Class</i> at the Friedman Theatre through Sept. 4.  Over and out!
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