On the Scene

The morning starts with my 2 dogs, Lady (on left) and Albert (on right).  The wife is up and starting the day... the dogs lounge with me. Albert decides to wake me up to start the day. I shower and get into my clothes and see Albert patiently waiting to go outside. Since I am slow, my wife (Elaine Matthews) takes them out in the backyard to play and what not. Before running to the train, I have to dig out all of the snow in the backyard that has collected this winter. Off the train for the walk to work.  Arriving in midtown I notice… THE SNOW IS TAKING OVER THE CITY!!!!! Run to the show and sign in!  Always important to sign in!! Now to get into Raoul's old man makeup for the top of the show. While getting into makeup, the lovely Jenna Barrios (Hair Extraordinaire!) prepares my mic. Getting the hair just right! Terence Doherty (my friend and dresser) starts the day with a hearty meal. No "Old Man Raoul" is complete to start the two-show day without a Rockstar! Terence and Jenna send me off to work.  The only thing missing in this painting is a barn… and maybe a pitch fork.  American Gothic… anyone?  Anyone… umm okay. Hanging out before the dressing room scene with John Kuether, Ken Kantor and Evan Harrington. On the way to the dressing room scene, I ask Marge Marchioni in wardrobe (center), if I can possibly get my IATSE card by helping the lovely Madame Fifi, Kris Koop. A very special matinee curtain call!  Mr. Harold Prince makes a speech in honor of our 23rd year on Broadway!!  Behind him… a delicious cake in the shape of 23. As the curtains close, our Christine, Sara Jean Ford "Raises the Roof." Hugh Panaro and I are coming for you, cake! Mr. Prince wields Excalibur.<p>

Evan Harrington, me, Hugh, Sara Jean Ford and George Lee Andrews help cut the cake. We have a few people to talk to before leaving for dinner. I'm on TV! Elaine joins me for dinner at Oyishi Sushi. Bruce Winant from <i>La Cage</i> joins Elaine and me in between his shows.  Yes.. Bruce loves sushi. I finish dinner, return to the theatre, sign in, get in my robe and spend time with Soot, Hugh’s beautiful labradoodle.  He is such a good boy.  BTW Hugh doesn’t look like that in real life.  That’s not his real hair. What I do in my dressing room on break in between: mostly watch "Family Guy" and "Walking Dead," read comics or play video games. So much to do in 2 and a half hours. Hugh loving on Soot in between shows. I love this picture! Fast forward to second act!!! Liz McCartney greets me on the way down to the Masquerade! Sara Jean Ford prepares for the Masquerade Prom. Christine and Raoul Prom- circa 1800s. Official Anniversary Travelator Party! The show's integral  automation piece, known as the travelator, is brought down on special events to cater the celebration. The Gods have brought us John's Pizza and cupcakes by The Dancing Baker, our own Kara Klein! In my mind, this is how fast the party was!  Such a joy to be a part of this joyous occasion! Original (and current) <i>Phantom</i> cast member George Lee Andrews addresses the company with a toast on this wonderful night. The best sight ever: a travelator  full of John’s Pizza! Heather McFadden LOVES Kara’s Cupcakes! At the end of the night, my beautiful wife goes to bed while I treat the dogs to treats and watch the shows I have missed throughout the day.   What a wonderful end to the best day ever!!
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