On the Scene

Welcome indeed! There she is! The Goodspeed Opera House!  You can see some ushers setting up the piazza for the matinee crowd to enjoy pre-show. One of my favorite places to chill is the Goodspeed dock. Oh look, there's the famous swing bridge! Sometimes when the swing bridge opens we have to hold the curtain so actors / audience members can get to the show.  Small towns, gotta love em! As I go to the Stage Door I see the Man, the Myth, Mr. Goodspeed himself: Michael Price.  He’s always available for a photo op. As I enter the stage door, I look up in the stairwell. At Goodspeed, the theatre is on the 4th and 5th floors.  As I sign in I run into Broadway star Andrea Frierson, our show's Queenie. Lesli Margherita is always camera-ready. Check out her bedazzled phone! The girls dressing room just before call. Look at all the bustles.   I also run into another one of our Broadway stars, Karen Murphy. I guess some things don't change even if you're a star! Ben Davis, getting into character.  You'd never know he was listening to Lady Gaga on his headphones. There's David Aron Damane already changed and getting into character one hour before show time.  He's a consummate professional. As you can see from this poster the Goodspeed Opera House has been a functioning theatre (on and off) for over 100 years. This poster is from 1891.  That’s even before Ron Paul was born! Our dressers / costumers Alina Jerall and Anna Hines hard at work! Can you believe that John “Ooo Daddy” Riccucci (Goodspeed Costume Master) is actually taking a break? John has been at Goodspeed for 30 years and has taken a total of 4 breaks. I hope to be cast as “Chancey Oglethorpe” when Goodspeed revives <i>A Box of Monkeys</i> for Michael Price’s 50th anniversary season! The calm before the storm.  A view from the Goodspeed Stage. Time for Fight Call - safety first! As you can see, Lenny Wolpe takes charge as Captain Andy. Kyle Baird warming up in the stairwell. As I went downstairs to the Green Room for my daily tea, I found our amazing Swings Christiana Rodi and Adam Fenton Goddu and our assistant company Manager Juliet Greenblatt hanging with Heath Ledger.  Our Stage Manager Brad Spachman, ASM Derek DiGregorio and our head Costumer John Riccucci.  All three are being very vague. The amazing Nicholas Ward crocheting his way into character. “Miss Sarah you done had twins! You’ll never be 18 inches again!” David Toombs and Elise Kinnon chilling in the Victorian Green Room. That's me making sure my shoes are tied tight. Kyle Baird and A'lisa D. Miles prepare for their scenes in the beautiful Victorian Green Room. Paule Aboite getting wigged by Wigs Artisan Emma Mead. Caption not necessary Uh Oh, the boss is here! We’d better watch our "P's and Q's"! At intermission I catch my counterpart Jennifer Knox re-warming up her body for our big dance number in the second act, "Goodbye My Lady Love." Me taking Jennifer Knox's lead and re-warming up before our big dance number. This is a picture of me in my favorite costume in the show.  I want to take this suit home! I have a couch that would match perfectly! Maddy Berry (the daughter of Sarah Uriarte Berry), who plays young Kim, waiting for her entrance. There isn't enough room in the wing on Stage Right, so we wait for our entrance in the stairwell. Our view from the 4th floor of the Opera House. "It just keeps rollin' along". Lesli Margherita waiting in the Goodspeed Garden for her entrance to sing "Bill." Lenny Wolpe aging himself while Ben Davis preps for his last scene.  You would never know that “Single Ladies” is blasting in their dressing room. David Aron Damane putting on wrinkles for the last scene.  We span a 40-year time period in the show. Michael Price gave us a drive-by notes session.  It included his usual words of wisdom: “Don’t F*** it up!” We even got a visit from some Broadway Royalty!  Then we’re off on our dinner break… In our house, we all love watching Lenny make salad. Witness the skill, the concentration… Lesli Margherita never knows what to make for dinner. A quick trip across the swing bridge takes me to one of my vices on a two-show day... Dunkin Donuts coffee for the night show!!! Our lovely ushers stuffing playbills.  This is their favorite thing to do on a Thursday night. Our ASM Jillian Anderson waiting to set the Bail of Cotton. Going over my spacing for "Lady Love" before the evening performance. Always a must, Angry Birds before the second show! Goodspeed's Norma Terris Theatre was named after the actress who originated the role of Magnolia in <i>Show Boat</i> on Broadway in 1927.  This poster is from the 1947 Broadway production. Greg "Yup, The Village People mustache is real fellas" Roderick! Places for the second show - Cupcake Costumes - Check! Karen and Richard getting in character for the second show! At places before the second show. On the top deck of the Show Boat - Stage Left. On the top deck of the Show Boat – Stage Right. Nicholas, Kyle and Richard striking a pose before the evening performance. Prepping for my transformation into Frank Schultz,  “If I get Steve thrown off the boat, maybe I can finally play the lead!” The girls in “Life Upon the Wicked Stage.”  Doesn’t seem so wicked to me. As I said before, the show spans 40 years.  Jennifer Knox's character uses hair dye, whereas my character likes it natural. Sarah Uriarte Berry catches up on some VERY important reading!  HINT! HINT! Goodnight, Goodspeed... Hello, Gelston House! After a long two-show day, we like to go to the Gelston House bar and unwind! Here’s Bob Davis and Rob Richardson (two dads in our cast), hiding from their families. "So Long, Farewell" from the cast of Show Boat.  Hope to see you on Broadway!  Or catch us as Goodspeed through Sept. 17!
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