On the Scene

Good morning, dog! Rey, our stage door guy!  Hugs all the girls when they arrive.  We've never seen him angry, ever. Heather... always remember to sign in.  We've been known to forget if we take naps in between shows. Fight call!  Danny Stiles is way too excited about having a giant weapon. The boys look hot today. Guide to being a superstar, Janet Edition: 1) Relax that jaw. 2) Inhale that steam.  3) Sing gloriously! Guide to being a superstar, Darren Edition: 1) Hold chest.  2) Belt it out! Morgan James was in <i>Addams Family</i>.  She still channels Cousin It from time to time. Jose Llana: Cool cat, cruise director and uncle to about 50,000 kids. (see all the children's drawings) Danny and E. Clayton Cornelious are so happy they can access the Internet.  Hello Marquis Theatre, it's 2011.  Dial-up is sooooo 2001. Julius Rubio: "My fade isn't perfect, but I have more hair product than the girls." Ed Staudenmayer: "That's right, I wear bunny slippers and an ascot.  What of it?" Taping the mic on carefully, just to rip off skin and hair later on. Prayer circle in Janet's dressing room before the show.  "For breath, for life, for light..." Karen Mason doing the pre-show announcement. Carly Rose Sonenclar on her "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" bed, with her wrangler Vanessa Brown. Alices are abundant in Wonderland.  Here are Renee Marino and Joey Calveri. Grady Bowman, Swing Extraordinaire.  So good, he doesn't even need his notes. Morgan James, Renee Marino and Sae La Chin with our amazing and kind producer Bill Franzblau. Kelly shows off the infamous Act 2 Queen of Hearts dress. Wardrobe supervisor Scottie.  He has matching toe nail polish for every outfit! April Berry- asleep, stretching or just stuck? Wilkie Ferguson and Stefan Raulston, scariest Alices EVER! We enjoy these fluffy dresses way too much! Stefan and Julius, our in-house acrobats, love showing off their pantaloons. Carly has to do school work in between scenes.  She looks thrilled, doesn't she? Heather changing from caterpillar wig to Mad Hatter wig with help from Tom Augustine.  Hairpins have been known to draw blood. Clayton and Tanairi Vazquez.  "Did that sound okay?" Kate Loprest in a changing booth with dresser Lillian. Jose comes off stage after acting invisible.  Yeah, we weren't fooled. C'mon guys, no touching the extra appendages! Laura Hall reads her Swing Notes by the light of the stage, the only warm place in the theatre. Heather likes to take naps in the oddest places.  But the tea party table?  Really? David O'Brien aka "Wonderland Mom" calling the show. Natalie Hill, Danny Stiles and Renee Marino- like a very odd Charlie's Angels. <i>Lion King</i> across the street.  Wish OUR family show wasn't closing. Ever the stylish Swings, Renee and Laura sport shades and onesies. The porcelain skin of Sae La Chin. Mad Hatter Kate Shindle "sans hat." Dancers eat A LOT.  Mostly candy. The ensemble ladies model the onesies given to them by Sae La on opening night. Really, Wilkie?  This is not a Hot Fireman Contest. Jamba Juice: Janet Dacal's between-show food of choice.  No phlegm here! Darren Ritchie, <i>always</i> showing off that sword of his. Janet got a onesie, too.  Hugs from Laura, Heather and Sae La. Morgan and Grady run understudy lines in the Green Room. Evalina has to fix our gloves every night 'cuz we're so hard on them. Ed takes a cat... I mean bunny nap.  Watch out for Spider-Man! El Gato grabs a nap of his own. Clayton ponders the age old question, "Do these caterpillar legs make my ass look big?" All of our Happy Opening Night faxes.  Daniel Radcliffe signed one of them.  Sweeeet! Wait Karen, weren't you supposed to sign in <i>before</i> the show? A true "Jack of All Trades," or maybe "Queen of All Trades." Nothing sexier than a Fembot mixed with a playing card. Natalie Hill with our awesome Wig Boy, "Baby Josh." Now we know why rabbits are so prolific.  There are hot babes everywhere! "Off with their heads!!!!!"  Sorry, couldn't help it. So yeah, we can't sit down once the card costume is on.  Gotta find a wall to lean against. The card numbers go from smallest to tallest.  Not an accident. Janet and Darren with their fabulous dressers Sue Lee and Doug. The Garnier Girls (aka Fembots)! Ed Staudenmayer and Kate Shindle with their adoring fans.  Look how many there are!  Why are we closing again? Evening stage door guy Cisco.  Hugs are on the way! Yes, we have a Shake Weight. Marvelous dressers Hector and Kelly Carly is so light, Heather just wants to eat her up. Shindle, Morgan is supposed to kiss <i>your</i> ass, not vise versa. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil... okay, eyes up here. A View from the Stage Looks like <i>someone</i> is tired after a long day!  Thanks for hanging out with us.  Come see <i>Wonderland</i> on Broadway through May 15!
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