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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day With Chicago Star Leigh Zimmerman

Happy Saturday! A two-show day in the middle of a five-show weekend. Morning, Pups!  My daughter Cayleigh and I start the day the same way every day... feeding our hounds, Tappy and Buddha! OK!  Now on to the biggest priority... feeding the child!  Saturday is popular in our house because sugar cereal is only allowed on Saturday.  Today is Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  She has to fuel up, because she comes into the theatre with me every Saturday! Finally, my turn!  TEA!  Ten years in London finally converted me (except it is still herbal tea with lots of honey!). My mom just returned from the summer in Italy, so it is full-octane Italian coffee for her!  Amazingly delicious!  I usually have one on Sunday morning to get through the rest of the weekend shows! We do our morning Skype with my husband, Domenick, who is in Liverpool doing two concerts.  We were Skyping during his  private tour of John Lennon's childhood home. He arrives in NY tonight. And yes, he used to be a member of the rock group Foreigner! Off to the theatre in "The Beast," our Hummer from Las Vegas.  Wish they would have come out with a hybrid! After almost 20 years on Broadway and in London's West End, I still feel the need to pose whenever possible...can't help myself! See!  More posing!  Arriving at the Ambassador Theatre.  This is the third home for <i>Chicago</i>. When we opened in 1996, we were at the Richard Rodgers Theatre and then we moved to the Shubert.  (I've also played Velma in London.) Speaking of posing!  Our daughter poses next to my picture on the way into the theatre! I guess it's in the genes! I am pretending to sign in, but Cayleigh always signs in for us on a two-show day! Good morning to Kevin, our head of wardrobe for for the last 14 years!  He is the best there is!  Believe me, he has seen and heard everything! Cayleigh has already asked when her fitting will be!  Kevin's reply:  "10 years!" Cayleigh always has to stop by the stage and check out the house!  It may be sooner than 10 years! I know, I better watch out!  Velma in training! We are finally in my cozy dressing room!  Say goodbye to the blonde hair... the red wig is going on soon! Good morning, Mr. Fosse!  My daily inspiration on my dressing room wall.  It was an opening night gift from my gorgeous husband. This is another photo my husband gave me of early Fosse with Janet Leigh... and both of their autographs!  I had the honor of meeting Janet when she came to see <i>Chicago</i> on opening night at the Richard Rodgers. More of my opening night gifts from Domenick... that is an original <i>Chicago</i> program from 1975. Another poster on my wall… my husband's recent headlining show
in Las Vegas.  Both Cayleigh and I sang with him...and then we all flew back to New York the next morning and I started in <i>Chicago</i> on Oct. 8.  It was a big week for us! Another photo in my dressing room... Cayleigh and The Donald! Kat is our head of the hair department every Saturday!  She is fantastic and takes great care of us! Mary, Amos and Mama!  My amazing co-stars R. Lowe, Bobby Creighton and LaVon Fisher-Wilson. A side-shot from the wings... in case you shake apart and want a brand new start to do that jazz!
Walking the Fosse walk in "All That Jazz." The ensemble dances behind me as we sing the final verse, right before Roxie kills the guy. (Uh-oh… did I just give it away?) Between shows it is off to the Edison for our favorite soup!  Cayleigh and I both love the Cabbage, Chicken Noodle, and Tomato Rice!  All we have to do is come in and say to our favorite waitress, "The usual, please!" After dinner, we like to walk around Times Square!  It never gets old! Back to the dressing room for the evening show and a dressing-room play date during the show with two of Cayleigh's great friends, Mariela and Rosalia!  They are the daughters of our original assistant conductor, Jeff Saver! Domenick and I took all of the girls and Jeff to see <i>Promises, Promises</i> before I started in the show.  Great to see Kristin again!  Another favorite dressing room photo! Me and the girls doing "Cell Block Tango." The Press Conference Rag – otherwise known to the gang backstage simply as "Gun." Charlotte and the boys rock "Roxie."  What she does with that Roxie monologue is incredible! "I'll go now. But not quietly. May I have my exit music please!!"  When Velma takes the stand. One of my favorite moments. Almost done with the second show... about to do "Nowadays" and "Hot Honey Rag." After the show, we meet up with Broadway producer and long time friend of Domenick, Larry Toppal, and have a night cap!  I need to get home and sleep fast for two shows tomorrow and "Bagel Sunday" at the theatre!  See you soon!
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