Exclusive Photo Feature

A Two-Show Day With Jersey Boys' Dominic Nolfi

Shavin' it up before my two show day! It's going to be a long day so smelling good is a must! My view of Jersey via Brooklyn... "so close, so close and yet so far." (Did you get that?) My pregnant wife Sonia watering her dead plants. My view of the new World Trade Center on my ride in to work.  Every day there is more to see. Folks lining up outside the August Wilson Theatre for the first show of the day. Hangin' out in the stage managers' office before the show. My main man Nick (my dresser). Keeps me lookin' good all day long. Our matinee Frankie, Cory Grant, getting ready to get his Frankie on! The boys on the 4th floor (Mark Lotito, Erik Bates, Taylor Sternberg and Peter Gregus) get ready for the show while debating fantasy football picks. Katie O'Toole and Jessica Rush, our newest "guidette," getting ready for the matinee. Putting in the grease.  A little dab will do ya! A guy can never use too much hairspray.  Especially on a two show day.  Gotta keep it stiff! John Hickman at "places" for show #1! Jan, our sound man, moves the guitars for Act Two. My leading lady Matt Bogart and I hanging out before Act 2 of Show 1. Our stagehands throw us a back alley BBQ.  They rock!!  Thanks for the meat, boys! Some of the cast members enjoying their dogs. Our six-show Frankie, Jarrod Spector, arrives for Show 2.  Warm it up! The rest of our lovely ladies (Sara Schmidt, Katie O’Toole, Bridget Berger and Jessica Rush) prepare for Show 2. The girls getting their Jersey wigs on.  Big hair is a must! The Fifth Season, our drummer Kevin Dow, at "places" for Show 2. A priest, A nurse and a guy in a suit all walk into a stage manager's office.  Enter punchline here! Still handsome after a two-show day.  Haha!
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