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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: "Feel the Noise!" A Two-Show Day at Rock of Ages with Jeremy Woodard

So when I wake up on a two-show day, I have two alarm clocks: my iPhone and my dog Rudy. This is usually the first thing I see when I open my eyes. Not bad. Breakfast is very important. It varies from day to day, usually some egg whites, maybe some waffles, but today we are going old school. A simple bowl of (semi-healthy) cereal, toast... and of course OJ! Itís time to sit down and watch SportsCenter. Today in particular, because itís Sunday, so I have to set my fantasy football lineup! If the TV isn't on ESPN, then itís on HGTV. Rudy loves to watch TV. After that, itís off for a 2-3 mile run. Itís a great way to really wake up and an excellent warm up for your voice and entire body. I do this much more often now; since Iím lucky enough to be playing Stacee Jaxx. After my run, Rudy and I shoot hoops for about 15-20 minutes just to cool down.  Since he canít shoot, he gets a point if he steals the ball. Believe it or not, heís been getting pretty good, and is coming closer and closer to beating me! I always stop and grab some Gatorade and bottled water to drink during the show... and sometimes a RedBull if I need some help! Itís important to stay hydrated all the time, but especially when doing a show. It also helps me stay away from soda  :-) Stopping with Miss Cameron Adams to grab some Subway for lunch. Itís quick and healthy. I swear I have single handedly kept this place in business for years.  No kidding! Walking up to the theatre is always my favorite part. Itís easy to be reminded just how lucky we are to have the opportunity to do this. And even more lucky to have a show that has lasted this long. Great staff here at the Helen Hayes. The very first stop once I get backstage is the sign-in sheet. SIGN IN! Or stage management will hunt you down! This is how they know we are all safe and sound. This is our leading lady Rebecca Faulkenberry (Sherrie!) Sheís awesome. And here is my dressing spot. Itís tight quarters at the theatre, so I share this room with two other guys. This is where I sit, eat my lunch, turn on the iPad and watch some more television. Our lovely stage managers Heather, Matt and Justin.  They are the perfect combination of ďgetting it doneĒ and ďhaving a good time in the process.Ē But their main job is just making sure we all behave.  Love these guys. After lunch, itís off to the hair studio to get prepped for my wig. Renee is head of our hair department and she makes the wigs look amazing.  I have a sensitive head, so Iím not a fan of the pins. Thus the face! After hair, itís straight back to the dressing room to apply fingernail polish and tattoos. This is one of 6 that I have to wear. These tattoos go on with alcohol! Since they are removed with alcohol as well, they fade a bit if you have a few beverages. I just had to throw this in there. This is the Softball Championship Trophy that team <i>Rock of Ages</i> won this year. Having played in the show league for some time now, it was nice to finally get this thing! Letís see if we can defend it next season. Wig prep on, tattoos on, now itís time for some face paint... which basically consists of Guy Liner and more Guy Liner. Here is Adam Dannheisser. He, Mitch and myself share this dressing space. Like I said earlier, Sundays are important not only for work, but Fantasy Football! Adam is checking his scores thus far. We spend a lot of time running down to our room to check. About a good half hour or so into the show, Iím all set to make my entrance. Wig and tight pants a GO. This is someone else's dressing room, so I cannot explain the lady with the snake. Things like this happen at <i>Rock of Ages</i>. Intermission has arrived, and I have a nice long break. I donít go back on for another 20 minutes or so, so I sit in the green room and yes... you guessed it... watch more football. Sundays our time between shows is very limited, so itís back to Subway. Usually something light. You definitely want something that will sit easy, so that when your jumping around again shortly, you wonít feel like itís all gonna come up. Everyone does their own thing in between. Tony (our amazing swing) and I come back with our Subway and watch...?? FOOTBALL. Very good! Some folks nap. Like Joey (Joey Primo) here. He rocks it out hard core so a nap is necessary. As dinner continues, others show up and hang as well. Today we are lucky, because itís story time with Andre Ward. Love me some Andre, and he has the best and most hilarious stories. Thatís a quick glimpse of Emily Williams, Mikey Goodmark, Rebecca and Jo Right after we ate, Tony Lepage found out he was going on for the role of Lonny (usually played by Mitch Jarvis).  Mitch is swung out to watch the show.  Tony is the man and covers ALL EIGHT male roles at the show. MVP! There is Mitch, Tony, Cody, Josie and Maisey. Mitch watched the show and loved it. After a long 5-show weekend, we are all excited to get out the door. <i>RoA</i> the most fun show there is, but it has a tough schedule. I usually head home and relax but tonight my buddy Daniel is in town from L.A.  He's in an up-and-coming band called A House For Lions. They are amazing, so check them out! Some of my closest friends. We all went to college together at East Carolina. After a couple of relaxing beverages, I head home and wrestle with these two. A great end to a long day. WE get to sleep in tomorrow, so I am looking forward to maximizing my rest. Thank you for letting me share my two-show day with you guys.
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