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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: The Many Faces of Rock of Ages Super Swing Tony LePage

<b>Mayor/ Ja'Keith</b><br>Here's an instance when I get to understudy the person who originated the role. Andre Ward is one of the funniest guys I have ever met, and I laugh on a nightly basis thanks to him. <b>Joey Primo</b><br>
The busiest character in the show. Aside from Lonny, easily the most difficult character for me to jump up and do. It's physically exhausting, as well as mentally, because he is the guy who does it all.  It’s a real fun ride. <b>Dennis</b><br>The chilled out, hippie bar owner. A blast to play. Put on the glasses and platform shoes and sink down into it. To be able to watch Adam Dannheisser, who originated the role on Broadway, do this character every night is a joy. <b>Hertz</b><br>Playing both the father and son characters is particularly hilarious as a swing. To have been so directly “on opposite sides” of each scene.   Hertz is the “squasher” of dreams, I turn on my “inner drill sergeant.” <b>Franz</b><br>
I have a love/hate relationship with myself. Franz is rainbows and butterflies. The wide-eyed dreamer who just brings joy into every scene, I just turn on my “inner child” for this one.  I once had to play them both in the same week. <b>Lonny</b><br>
Mitch Jarvis (original Lonny on Broadway) is a master. He is so hysterical I can't even handle it, it was a joy to watch him do it every night. I love the challenge of taking the audience through the show and setting the pace. <b>StaceeJaxx</b><br>When in life do you ever get to walk out on stage in a pair of white studded pants, a skin-tight red zebra print shirt and cowboy hat, and actually look GOOD?   I go out and do the opposite of everything I would normally do. <b>Drew</b><br>Our young hero. This is, hands down, the most fun role to sing in the show. He just wails his head off all night long.  I just love singing the big, crazy 80's rock ballads.  And in the end you get the girl... you can't lose.
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