Production Photos

A Look Back at Avenue Q on Broadway

The original cast of <I>Avenue Q</I>: Jordan Gelber, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Rick Lyon, John Tartaglia, Jennifer Barnhart, Stephanie D'Abruzzo and Ann Harada Ann Harada Stephanie D'Abruzzo and John Tartaglia Rod and John Tartaglia Lucy The Slut and Stephanie D'Abruzzo Rick Lyon with his creations backstage Jordan Gelber and Ann Harada Princeton and John Tartaglia Mrs. Thistletwat and Jennifer Barnhart Stephanie D'Abruzzo and John Tartaglia John Tartaglia and Rod Kate Monster and Stephanie D'Abruzzo Natalie Venetia Belcon Rick Lyon and Nicky John Tartaglia and Stephanie D'Abruzzo Rick Lyon, Trekkie Monster and Jennifer Barhart Stephanie D'Abruzzo and Lucy T. Slut Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx John Tartaglia and Princeton Kate Monster and Stephanie D'Abruzzo Jennifer Barnhart, John Kerry puppet, Rod, John Tartaglia, George Bush puppet and Rick Lyon Rod and Barrett Foa Jennifer Barnhart, Nicky and Christian Anderson Sarah Stiles and Howie Michael Smith Kate Monster and Christy Carlson Romano Nicky and Christian Anderson Rod and Howie Michael Smith Kate Monster and Kelli Sawyer Ann Sanders and Sarah Stiles Rod, Howie Michael Smith, Lucy The Slut and Christy Carlson Romano Kate Monster, Anika Larsen, Lucy The Slut and Jennifer Barnhart The final cast of <I>Avenue Q</I>: Christian Anderson, Ann Harada, Jennifer Barnhart, Danielle K. Thomas, Nicholas Kohn, Anika Larsen and Robert McClure
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