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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: A Two-Show Day With Mary Poppins' Andrew Keenan-Bolger

My alarm goes off at 11:30 AM, which can only mean one thing: TWO-SHOW DAY!! Exercise is essential when prepping for a double header. Mine comes in the form of Wii's "Dance on Broadway" game. Hmm, what can I make using arugula, A1 and Red Vines? I think I'd better head on over to my favorite Mom & Pop neighborhood restaurant... POP-TARTS WORLD!!! Off to show #1. I share a dressing room with two longtime theatre pros. They're always teaching me the value of a good work ethic... ...like the importance of doing a full ballet barre before every show. Puberty rears its ugly head. My character Robertson Ay is not complete with out his token zit. My scene partner, Mrs. Brill (Valerie Boyle), has taught me to always check my props before going on stage. She also taught me that 90% of character acting is done with your eyelids. "Treat 'em like Olympic athletes, guv'nor!" Tea Time! In between shows I run downtown to film a quick scene for my new webseries, SUBMISSIONS ONLY. www.submissionsonly.com With Kate Wetherhead, my co-creator/director/writer/producer. Warming to the thought that we tricked all our friends to do this for free! Back at the theatre for show #2. Sometimes I hang out with the Janes & Michaels. I've taught them a little acting game I learned backstage at <i>Seussical</i>. "Bless me father for I have sinned. I dropped a line in Scene 2, I sang off key in Scene 5 and I judged some girl for wearing kitten heels in December." I love scaring Valerie backstage! She's such an easy target. Megan Osterhaus and Karl Kenzler join in, too. They tell her they saw Mrs. Weasley auditioning for her role at Pearl Studios. Our ensemble is so crafty! They've spent the past 2 months making a mural out of pieces of used black mic tape. After the 2nd show, a late night movie date with my friends! Here's us pretending to buy healthy food at Green Symphony beforehand. We saw "Black Swan." Natalie Portman was brilliant, although I think I would've played "crazy" just as well if I were that hungry. Rats! Missed the last express train back up to Inwood. Luckily, I learned a little trick from Laura Michelle (absolutely no photoshopping).
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