On the Scene

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Backstage at Broadway's Mary Poppins With Original "Mrs. Corry," Janelle Anne Robinson

50 Shades of Koh Mochizuki... "I See Dead People..." Chris Shin and Brian Ogilve Biddle Dee Dee Dee... three ladies! Kelly Jacobs, Tiffany Howard and Julie Barnes Healthy snacks to get us through the day Mary (Steffi Leigh) between scenes with one of our favorite crew members, Marshall. This is me backstage during my quick change into Mrs. Corry for SUPERCAL... The SUPERGAL GANG! well some of them... Laura, Jim, Brian, Elizabeth and Eric Q Smith getting dolled up. With Tyrell The very neat dressing room of Admiral Boom and the policeman (Tom Souhrada and Jim Hindman) And this is what goes on when Admiral Boom leaves the room. A couple of our fabulous crewmen: Alan and Jimmy A view from the pit Karl Kenzler (Mr. Banks) showing off his latest gadget. Sweeps for hire.  And they can tap their butts off! Mmmm, dinner... mmm, mmm dessert! Some of the 800 posters we signed for the BCEFA fund drive Part of our wonderful Hair dept: Paula, Tyrell and Colleen Steffi getting her hair prepped for the show by Cheryl Newsies! A view of our Disney family across the street from backstage One of our security guards, Karim Rogers, preparing the stage door. When a celeb comes to the show, we have them sign the wall. This is one of several. The impending storm. We were shut down from Sunday night to Thursday. In Val's room. Each Wednesday and Sunday we have tea during intermission. Oh, Steffi brought a friend to tea time! Her practically perfect cousin. lol Kristin Carbone about ready to pop! We've had many, many children born over the last 6 years. And here are most of them! Backstage before the bows. Nick, Barrett, Eric, Tiffany, Dennis and Q Here I am with a lovely young donor for BCEFA. Katie Nanni (one of our originals) just got engaged!! Gavin Lee, our Bert, preparing for "Step in Time" Gavin... wait, I THOUGHT we were getting ready.  Chuck Rea, Josh Assor, Brian Ogilve, Elizabeth DeRosa and myself waiting to go back to the dressing room at the end of the night.  Come see us on Broadway!
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