Exclusive Photo Feature

A Two-Show Day With The Lion King's Timon, Fred Berman

July 31, 2010. 9:30 AM. The day begins for the meerkat with an early birthday celebration thrown by his young cubs, Benjamin and Isabella (Momma Kate helped out, too). 11 AM: The boys head out to the local Farmers Market for some fresh grub (not to be confused with fresh GRUBS). A meerkat family picnic in the park. Lunchtime sustenance before hitting the road: fresh empanadas from Buenos Dias Bakery Cafe (owned by <I>Lion King</i> assistant make-up supervisor Marian Torre). Muy Bueno. 12:30 PM: The sweet elixir of life in hand, our brave meerkat begins his descent into Manhattan's underground for the long journey ahead of him. Hakuna MTA-ata! At long last, we arrive at the Pridelands. Pre-make-up exercises. Mmmmm, yeah, feel the burn.... 1:45 PM: Let the green begin! Does this green make my nose look big? Make-up supervisor Elizabeth Cohen and her mean, green masterpiece. Look out Elphaba! 2:30 PM: The very different warm-up stylings of Timon and Pumbaa. 2:50 PM:  While the wildebeest stampede rages outside, Timon makes his daily quick call home to Mrs. Meerkat before hitting the stage. 3 PM: Puppeting up backstage with the help of dresser extraordinaire April Fernandez-Taylor. King Mufasa (Alton Fitzgerald White) and his evil brother Scar (Gareth Saxe) make nice over the copy machine during intermission. RIIIIII-COOOOO-LAAAAAAAA! A daily ritual before heading back for Act Two. The Family Meerkat visits between shows and Isabella meets Rafiki (Tshidi Manye). Chaos ensues. Benjamin and Isabella check out Daddy's dressing room. 5:15 PM: Dinner with the family at the Galaxy Diner on Ninth Avenue. 7:15 PM: The juice of life is needed once again! 6:15 PM: Back to the Minskoff to grab a quick pre-second show nap. 8:50 PM: See ya on the ice, Pumbaa! 10:30 PM: Coming offstage after curtain call: a blur of excitement. 10:45 PM: Working hard to shed that green! 10:55 PM: Signing autographs at the stage door.
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