PLAYBILL BACKSTAGE: Godspell Part 2 — A Peek at the Dressing Rooms

Lindsay Mendez — temporary Playbill reporter working the Godspell beat — is looking for a scoop. After chasing elusive cast mate Hunter Parrish back to his dressing room, she decides she's on the right track and decides to visit the rest of the cast in their respective dressing rooms to find out their thoughts on "doing the round." To see Part 3, click here.
Hunter Parrish and Stephen Schwartz Prepare Ye the Way of Godspell
Highlights From Stephen Schwartz's Godspell
Godspell Cast Feeling Blessed on Opening Night
PLAYBILL BACKSTAGE: Godspell Part 1 — Secret Doors in the Stage
PLAYBILL BACKSTAGE: Godspell Part 2 — A Peek at the Dressing Rooms
PLAYBILL BACKSTAGE: Godspell Part 3 — Hunter's Turn!
Godspell Cast Takes It "Day By Day" in the Recording Studio
For New Cast Album, Hunter Parrish and the Godspell Cast "Save the People"
Godspell Assembles to "Light up the World"
OBSESSED!: Godspell's Morgan James and a Mariah Carey Coloratura
Hunter Parrish Drops in on Godspell Cast of 2032
Highlights From Godspell Starring Corbin Bleu
Playbill’s Favorite Videos of 2012: Constantine Maroulis, a Bring It On Broadway Debut, the Original Carrie, Stephanie J. Block Transformed and Godspell
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