Frequently Asked Questions: Playbill Vault Policies

Q: Can you remove a photo from my page?

A: The majority of our photos come from previous print editions of Playbills; any photos that were submitted to be printed in a Playbill will not be removed.

If the photo on your person page was not submitted for publication in the Playbill, we will remove it. We will also upload a new headshot in its place; please see below.

Q: Will you add a headshot to my person page?

A: We’d love to, but first we must confirm that you are the person in question or an authorized agent contacting us on the person’s behalf. Before you submit a photo for your person page, please consider the following guidelines: the Vault seeks high-resolution headshots (from the neck up) with a professional appearance. Please note that the Vault may crop, resize, or otherwise alter your photo to conform to our site’s style. Email your headshot to

Q: How can I add photos to the photo galleries at the bottom of my person page?

A: These photos are taken by our Playbill staff photographers or submitted by a show’s production photographer. We are unable to add photos at this time.

Q: I was an assistant/intern/etc. on a show, but my credit is not listed.

A: Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing nature of personnel and our limited resources, we are unable to list every type of role involved in a show.

Q: Where are my Off-Broadway/tour/regional credits?

A: Currently, the scope of this site is limited to Broadway productions and their casts and crews. But if you have a professional site with your full credits/résumé/C.V. listed, we will add the link to your person page where it will appear directly below your headshot.

Q: Can you remove my birth date?

A: Most of our birth date information has been gathered from public sources, but we will remove your birth year or birth date at your request.

Q: Where are Broadway listings pre-1920?

A: We are still adding content to the site and will be expanding soon to include older productions. 

Q: Where can I find replacement information?

A: Any cast or crew member who joined a show after opening night is considered a replacement. To view a show’s replacement information: Beneath the heading Opening Night Cast, click on “See full opening night cast.” Then, click “Replacements” to the right of each role to expand any available replacement info. We are adding replacement data on a daily basis, so please continue to check back.

Q: How do I get permission to use a Playbill cover (as a prop in a TV show, for a publication, etc.)?

A: Please write to with a description of the intended use of the Playbill cover, and a link to the image in question.

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