Updates to Playbill Vault - Week Ending Jan. 5

In this new, weekly feature, Playbill.com keeps theatre fans informed of the latest additions to the ever-growing Playbill Vault, the largest Broadway database available.

Some of the many additions for the week ending Jan. 5 follow:

Covers Added
The Phantom of the Opera (25th Anniversary Playbill)

Broadway Debuts
John Michael Dias in Jersey Boys
Emily Cramer in Mary Poppins

Cast Updates
Emily Walton - Now in Peter and the Starcatcher
Betsy Hogg - Now in Peter and the Starcatcher
Hogan Fulton - Now in Newsies
Christopher Sieber - Now in Chicago
Stephen Lee Anderson - Now in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Headshots Added
Kevin Bertolacci
Annbritt duChateau
Tif Bullard
Peter May
Larry Blank
Kristin Caskey
Holly-Anne Ruggiero
Paula Wagner
Roberta Pereira
James F. Ingalls
Nan Zabriskie
Alex DiClaudio
Patrizia Von Brandenstein

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